Mr. India’s Balti and Dosa House

Dr. Stan once again accompanied Hector for the first Curry of the weekend. The choice of venue this evening was down to the realisation that there is ony a handful of Curry Houses in the West End of Glasgow that Hector has yet to visit. Maryhill Road beware.

Mr. India’s Balti and Dosa House (11-13 Hyndland St, Glasgow, G11 5QE) has been a Curry Venue for ages. The Rajdoot was a previous incarnation, Hector was even semi-regular back in those days. One has to walk down three steps as one enters these premises, something that has always intrigued Hector, and who knows why that is?

The More Mature of the two Waiters showed us to a table away from the door, this was appreciated – It’s Cold Out There! We were asked if we wished Poppadoms, it was impossible to tell if this was An Offer to Purchase or Complementary. They were declined. The Menu was fairly standard, very much a Mainstream Curry House. The Karahi section of the Menu gave various choices, Lamb Bhoona Karahi would suite the Hector Palate hopefully. And there was no mention of – You now what. A Tandoori Mince Paratha had to be ordered.

Dr. Stan opted for a Lamb Balti and a Cheese Paratha. I let him choose the Vegetable Side, Channa Saag, different. Dr. Stan also upgraded the Side, to a Full Portion. The Younger of the Two Waiters took the order. Do you want Garlic on that? – he asked Dr. Stan when the Cheese Paratha was ordered. This sounded perfect. He noted – No Capsicum – too. Very efficient.

The Soft Drinks

Hector ordered the usual Sparkling Water, Dr. Stan enquired about Fanta. None was available and so a Fresh Orange with Lemonade was offered. The Young Waiter came over later to apologise of the late arrival of the Drinks, his colleague had to go out and purchase a Bottle of Lemonade. Two Glasses, at an estimated 300ml eventually were presented.

Dr. Stan’s Balti arrived in a seriously Large Balti Dish. A Pity it wasn’t filled to the top as it might have been at a Special Place. The Karahi Bhoona was in the expected Karahi, there was no obvious difference between the two Curry Dishes. Both had a worryingly Reddish hue, Thick and Plentiful Masala.

The Cheese Paratha came minutes before the Mince version and so Dr. Stan had a head start. I enjoyed it, a Pleasant Curry, Spicy enough, but it didn’t have the Complexity of some Curry Dishes I have had. The Cheese Paratha reminded us both of Pizza.

The Mince Paratha had a layer of Orange Meat which resembled Donner Meat but could have fallen short of this. It was not Separate Grains as so beautifully provided at the Rawalpindi. Hector has resolved to return to the Rawalpindi for a Keema Paratha and a Vegetable Curry. This version was OK, Hot on arrival, and plentiful. Worth the £3.95?

The Lamb content of the Karahi was not overgenerous, a Sufficiency.  The Lamb was Wonderfully Tender.  There was no outstanding Flavour emanating from either the Lamb or the Masala. This was very much as one would expect in a Mainstream Curry House. Nothing to rave about, nothing to complain about, a Fine Curry.

The Chickpea and Spinach Accompaniment gave the anticipated Variety of Texture and Taste. Chickpeas are not my Favourite Vegetable by any means, I don’t mind them. The Spinach was not overwhelming, a Well Balanced Dish.

The Bill

£42.00. This was for Three Main Courses, £7.90 worth of Parathas, and a Ridiculous £5.00 for the Drinks. There was no way the Drinks could justify that cost.

The Aftermath

The Mature Waiter was offered the Calling Card, he said he would call over The Boss. This turned out to be the Young Chap who had been serving us. The Curry-Heute Website was displayed. He asked me how this came about. He was offered the Long answer or the Shorter Version. Still, it is written.

Mein Host has had these premises for just over a year. We do our best – was his admission. I should have asked his name.


This venue is alas – no more.

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