Four Fed @ Yadgar

Tonight’s Feast at the Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) was conceived on Friday evening and the Food ordered on Sunday. In the Interim, Curryspondent – Archie, who was first met at the last Sri Lankan Curry Night, had confirmed he would join Dr. Stan, Jonathan and Hector.

Please Feed Four

This means the Spiced Scottish Haddock followed by usually by the Finest Goshat Karahi served in Glasgow.

Hector arrived bang on 19.00 finding Archie sheltering under the Temporary Scaffolding. To date there is no further news on Yadgar having to close whilst the building is renovated. Most of the Tables were occupied. The Window Tables sat Families with Weans, Help ma Boab. We had no choice but sit behind them. This would be a squeeze when the other two arrived. Fortunately a group of Three Chaps departed and we moved into Space. We were now Four, no Mix-up in numbers this evening. Our only problem was Dr. Stan and Hector were sharing the on-the-bone version and were sitting diagonally opposite. A Challenge.

Naveed was busy serving at The Counter, it was Tea-Time, the Carry Out Business was operating Full-on. He still had time to acknowledge our Order. Poppadoms and Dips and the Customary Salad, all Complimentary were brought as is The Yadgar Norm. Jonathan questioned the Photographing of the Salad. This could be the first Yadgar Curry report someone is reading, they must know what comes.

Thereafter, the Platter of Baked Haddock was not long in arriving. Four Decent-sized Pieces with a slightly Crisp Spiced Coating. The Four ate, in Silence. The occasional – Mmmm – came from Dr. Stan. Knowing what is to follow, this is Relatively Light, we know we can eat a Full Curry after this in the way that say a Pakora would fill us prematurely.

At the end of the Fish, Archie announced how much he had enjoyed this and then caught us all by surprise – I don’t eat Fish! He expanded this into the fact that he would never order Fish in a Restaurant. He may have more to say on this.

The Interval

Yadgar was quite Noisy tonight, the Kids had eaten their Pakora and were Exercising their Right to Roam. So it goes. Another Salad was brought.  Hector was glad he had Photographed the First Salad, this way the Photo of the Second is truly Justified. A new set of Plates announced the arrival of the Karahi.

Two Large Karahi were set in the Middle of The Table, they looked Identical.

I had to ask which was on-the-bone. Dr. Stan got stuck in to the Wrong Curry and so had to swap Plates with Jonathan. We each helped ourselves to what would be a Substantial Portion in any other situation. There was Comfort in the Knowledge that the Same-again awaited.

Four of Eight Chapattis were brought. Naveed had promised the rest when required. The Chapattis were the Proper Size and were Light and Slightly Fluffy, Perfect for Dipping and Lifting the Lamb.

Hector had managed to secure very few Bones. The Lamb was Wonderful, Tender does not do it Justice. The Masala was Sufficient in Quantity, seriously Thick and Full of Flavour. As ever, the Yadgar Masala is almost Sticky, Gloopy, it wraps itself around the Meat like no other Curry. The Kick was Adequate, not Excessive.  This was as Good as Curry gets, and that is an Understatement.

As Round Two approached so another Four Fresh Chapattis were provided. Having starved oneself in preparation for this Event, Hector had no problem polishing off his share. For quality Control Purposes I had to sample the Boneless version. It was different, Sharper in Flavour. Archie thought the on-the-bone was slightly Sweeter, or was it Dr. Stan?  He may have more to say on this.

Four were Fed, Four were Happy.

It was 20.10. Shkoor entered The Premises. How are things?

We are just waiting patiently for The Curry – was Hector’s reply.

The Bill

£60.00. Shkoor expressed his Appreciation at People coming to Eat and insisting on Paying. Archie was of the opinion that we should tell nobody of This Place or what we paid.

The Aftermath

Shkoor mentioned that the Original Curryspondent will be back in Blighty at the end of the year.  A very busy time.  December 29th, Ahmed?

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2 Responses to Four Fed @ Yadgar

  1. archie says:

    I will certainly order this fish again Hector. As I said last night, I am glad I Haddock!

    Good to meet Dr Stan and Jonathan too.

    I think Dr Stan was spot on in his assessment of the sweeter taste from the on-the-bone coming from the marrow.

    Glad we have agreed to keep this place a secret!

    Hector replies:

    Yes, Archie, you must join us again and have Haddock, then on-the-bone Goshat Karahi.
    However, Shkoor sounded keen for us to repeat the Fish Karahi we had earlier this year.

    Fortunately, nobody knows about Yadgar, else it would be queued out the door…

  2. Ahmed says:

    The current plan is to land @Heathrow on the 21st. Then, to Glasgow via Manchester/Bradford on the 24th and back to Islamabad on the 28th.

    Hector replies:

    Alas, Dear Chap, I shall be away during this period. The 29th was my only window of Opperchancity.

    Next time.

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