Yadgar Deliver!

Sixteen Diners, Shkoor of Yadgar (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) delivering the Goods as arranged by Text, a Week previously. Four Keema Mutter, Two Chicken Karahi, and Nine (Boneless) Goshat Karahi, and One Lamb Curry with Methi – Baby Strength. We were gathered today to Celebrate, a tale best reported in Bier-Traveller.

The Bill

£160.00. £10.00 per head. This included the Pre-ordered choice of Curry, a Pile of Chapattis, Chicken Chat and some Patties (unknown) and a Tray of Chickpea Curry.

Yvonne had cooked the Rice.

Where’s the Baby Curry? asked Craig from the Kitchen as Hector was halfway through his Curry? Hector had ignored the Starters, have the Curry whilst it is Hot is the Philosophy. The Tray marked Methi was obviously for Hector who had failed to remind himself that this was intended for Someone Else. The Lamb Methi was a Joy and Seriously Spiced. Baby Curry? This would have blown Craig away. I had done him a Favour. So what was left for Craig?

After Everybody had helped themselves, one and a half Trays of Keema Mutter remained. All the Starters had been cleared, so the Patties remain Unknown. Somebody Else had taken the Wrong Curry. It happens. I sampled this, my first Experience of Yadgar’s Mince and Peas. Nowhere near as Spicy as the Methi Dish, this Packed the Anticipated Methi Blast. As this was my second Sample of Keema Mutter today Comparison was Simple. This won Hands Down. Methi is King. Yadgar Curry Rules! I convinced Craig he would cope, he did , he loved it.

For some of The Company this was their First Yadgar Experience. Kenny is keen to visit YadgarTo be Fed. This will be arranged.

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