Köln – Indian Curry Basmati House

Clive and Maggie had Rumpsteak and Krauterbutter on their minds, not Curry-Heute. Jonathan would probably have had something along these lines also. Reissdorf was closed to The Public. A Private Function on a Saturday Night at the Start of the Festive Season? Who planned that? Hector’s Plan was to let his Three Companions have their Steak whilst I ate alone across the street at the oft visited Indian Curry Basmati House (Severinstrasse 40.  50678, Köln).

I have never seen this Venue so busy. We squeezed on to the end of a Table before being invited moments later to our own more Spacious Location at the Rear of the Restaurant. The Laminated Menus were already on the Table. Being the Second Curry of the Day, something a Bit Different was called for.

Jonathan decided to try the Vegetable Pakora. At €1.50 per Portion, this would be Interesting. He would follow this with Lamm Saag and a Keema Naan. He was told about the Inclusive Basmati. Clive ordered one of his Favourite Curry Dishes in Mainstream Outlets – Chicken Dansak. Maggie went for Chicken Mushroom which sounded more Chinese than Indian.

Lamm Limone

This Dish was at the end of the Lamb section and was labelled – Neu! Now The Menu clearly stated SüßSauer Sauce – Sweet & Sour. Hector’s mind considered the presence of Lemon could be dominant and create a good Citrus Flavour. Achari appeared nowhere on the Menu, maybe this could be along these lines. Vielleicht.

I asked the Waitress for Scharf and Trocken. She insisted the Curry Came with Sauce, we compromised on – Minimal.

Clive and Hector ordered a Roti each.

The Open Kitchen runs down the Right Side of the Restaurant. That which has been prepared earlier is clear for all to see. The selection of Spices and Add-ins can be observed as the Chefs work their Magic – The Curry Trick – as is performed in the vast majority of Curry Houses. There is no Cooking from Scratch here. It may well be two years since my last Köln Visit, this is the Curry Venue I have come to Favour. It is not really Outstanding in any way, just Surprisingly Competent.

The Pakora, Two Bhaji-like Bits, disappeared very quickly. I’m not worried about the Main Course – was Jonathan’s comment. He knows the Rule of Starters. Jonathan was pleased with the Appearance of his Lamm Saag. There was a Spinach Presence rather than a Domination. The Sauce had a good, Rich Taste though it was slightly lacking in Spice. The Lamb added nothing. I did see the Keema Naan but lost all track of it thereafter. The Roti were Small, fine as a Rice Accompaniment, and they did not Crisp.

The Chicken Mushroom was described by Maggie – Wonderful! Lots of Mushrooms, different Layers of Spices. The Portion was Enormous. There was a Kick. Let me remind The Reader that Clive and Maggie have been to India, they can spot The Pretenders. Clive described his Chicken Dansak as – One of the best Dansaks I have ever had, if not possibly, The Best. I am certain he said this the last time he had a Chicken Dansak in my presence. How does one work the Search Function in this Website?

Lamm Limone

The Lamb was Swimming in the Sauce, so much for Minimal. There was no Great Kick despite having asked for Scharf. The Sweetness was the first thing to strike the Hector Palate, however, the Citrus came through. Bits of Cardamom and other Solids were picked out. There were Nine Pieces of Very Tender Lamb which had just met the Masala as it was being served. The Masala had to work overtime, there was quite a Variety of Flavours. If this was Sweet and Sour it was quite a departure from the Patia served in the UK. This Curry was a departure from my norm. It did have Flavour. Not bad at all.

We were Four Contented Diners, and only One originally had Curry on his mind.

The Bill

€46.30. This included Three Soft Drinks. Café Prices.

The Aftermath

The Waitress who was there in the past has gone. She started to recognise me, especially when I presented the Calling Card. I wonder if the People here tonight are the same as those previously encountered. I am a Tourist, it is difficult to keep track.

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