Bradford’s Punjabi Sweet House – The #2 Visit

Huddersfield for New Year? Again?

They’ll never let Hector away with it. Glasgow to Huddersfield must mean a Stop-off for a Bradford Curry. Marg, Craig and Yvonne had never heard of The Punjabi Sweet House (122-126 Listerhills Road, Bradford, BD7 1JR), now it is well and truly on their Radar.

It was just after 17.00 when Hector pulled up outside the Punjabi Sweet House having negotiated his way through Bradford in the Dark. It had been Dark all day, a horrible drive South. A Sunset over Morecambe Bay was the only let up.

Unusally, at this Bradford Curry House, one pays for Poppadoms and Breads, however the charge is Modest. 30p for Poppadoms, 30p per Chutney/Dip and 60p for Roti.

Rice is not included either.  Hector could not resist the Keema Paratha (£2.50), The Experiment continues.

Craig was the only person up for a Starter per se, the Rashmi Kebab. This looked to Hector like a Chicken Seekh Kebab. The Regular Readers will know that this was to be Hector’s First Curry since Friday. Zero Intake over the rest of the Weekend. Last Friday’s Extravaganza at Yadgar had led to Virtual Starvation over the last three days. The Punjabi Sweet House offers Mains as Regular or Large. Why doesn’t everywhere? The Menu was not particularly Extensive at First Glance, however the Number of Hector Options was Six. Six Potentially Ideal Hector Curry Dishes, only in Bradford. Karahi Meat Achar won over a repeat of Karela Gosht, Bhindi Gosht and Fish Karahi, Karahi Gosht and the nearly chosen Karahi Meat Ginger. The Menu is Outstanding, I cannot eat The Menu.

Marg and Craig both chose Fish Karahi, Yvonne went for Prawn Karahi. The Ladies ordered Roti, The Man – Pilau Rice.

The Two Poppadoms and Pickle Tray (£1.50?) disappeared whilst Hector was dealing with an irate Ricky who had guessed a Bradford Curry would be part of the Hector Ritual. I could never give him an accurate ETA. The Spanish Terrorists would arrive in Bradford when Traffic, Weather, the slow A65 and Coffee stops permitted. Yvonne said the Poppadoms were Greasy.

Craig’s Kebab looked a good Portion size for the Price. He thoroughly enjoyed it. He was now in the Mood for Curry.

The Waiter Cocked Up

Two Prawn Curry Dishes were brought. The Waiter realised the error and was prepared to fix it, however, Craig decided to take the extra Prawn. In the end he and Marg shared the Fish and the Prawn. Yvonne enjoyed her Prawn Karahi. Tasty and Light – is what she was after, exactly what was provided. Craig kept repeating the phrase which never appears in this Blog. He was thoroughly enjoying his Prawn/Fish. I’ve never had a Bad Bradford Curry – he also said more than once. Well done, Hector! Marg – Very Tasty, Flavoursome. I enjoyed the Sweetness of the Prawn. Everything had a Kick. She was also taken by the fact that the Fish was served Flaked and not Whole Fillets as served at Home.

Karahi Meat Achar – Large

This is a Dish Hector will never forget. I have had a few Achari Dishes this Year, never has the Pickle been so – In Your Face. This Dish had Potency, Flavour and Quantity. The Lamb was cut Small, Bradford-style. Occasionally the Root Lamb Curry came through, when it didn’t the Pickle Blast was Stupendous. Bradford Curry.

 The Keema Paratha had the Flat, Pink Meat that I find Less Appealing.  Perhaps this Experiment has now reached a Conclusion.  I prefer Alu Paratha.  The Paratha itself was Fine.

Who is Flying the ‘Plane?

I had to try the other Two Dishes. Marg kept me a Prawn. Indeed, the Sweetness was evident. Pleasant. I only had a Soupçon of The Fish Karahi. Bloody Hell! This was Outrageous. Despite the Hector Palate having Overdosed on Pickle this was again Outstanding. I shall have to return for this. Sixteen months since my last visit. #3 will be in February, Guaranteed!

The Bill

£46.25. Less than £12.00 per Head. Bradford Prices.

The Aftermath

Ricky, Our Man in Bradford and Dr. Stan had been informed about another Wonder Curry House and were reportedly heading off to Who-knows where? Time may well reveal this New Venue. The Words – Blood, and Stone come to mind.

Meanwhile we checked in to the Huddersfield Travelodge, Craig found a familiar street name. We are Home.

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