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Not to be confused with its more Famous Namesake, the Shish Mahal (1348 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 9DG) is lies on the Northern Frontier of what can still be considered Glasgow West. Situated opposite the Wyndford Estate this is close to the part of Glasgow in which Hector spent his Formative Years.

Shish Mahal MaryHill (4)It was exactly half an hour from Hector’s House to the Shish Mahal. Walking up the stairs at 17.25 I was not surprised to find myself the first Diner of the Shift. A Young Waiter greeted me Warmly and took my Coat. I was invited to sit anywhere. Being upstairs premises there was no Window as such for me to be sat at. I chose the Third Booth on the left of Four. Another Three Booths ran down the Opposite Wall. It was Tight Squeeze getting in, I suspect others wouldn’t manage. I was given the Set Menu (£9.95) and the A la Carte. I was only interested in the latter. The Waiter invited me to call him when I had made my selection. So far, so good.

Shish Mahal MaryHill (3)This was not the Most Extensive of Menus so no Pretentious Tweaking. The Lamb Karahi Lalpuri and a Vegetable Paratha was The Hector Choice. What the significance of Lalpuri may be remains unknown. The Withholding of the Green Peppers was not a problem. The Sparkling Water was provided and I cleared away all the Cutlery, Side Plate and Cloth Napkin, I needed Space.

I estimated the Shish Mahal sits around 50, with the Seven Booths each taking four at a Squeeze. The Décor is Remarkable and Truly Outdated, Garish even. However, they would be mad to change it, it has a Childish Charm with the Simplistic Artwork adorning the Walls. I amused myself on the rusty Samsung whilst the Waiter and an Elder Chap behind the Counter filled the Oil Lamps, well that is what I assumed they were doing.

The wait was Adequate, enough to convince me that this was not straight out The Curry Pot. I could hear Scraping Sounds from the Kitchen.

The Waiter and a Beaming Young Lady brought the Curry and Paratha.

Good Evening – she said. Very Pleasant.

Lamb Karahi with no Green Peppers – said The Waiter.  He also questioned my lack of Rice with the Order.  A bit late now.  Who could eat all this and Rice?

Shish Mahal MaryHill (5)Served in a traditional Cast Iron Karahi sat on a Wooden Base, I carefully manoeuvred this in front of me and dispensed with the plate. The Curry was Dark Red, with a Thick Tomato and Onion-rich Masala. Buried in this Mash was the Lamb. It looked like Lamb Tikka, the occasional Smoky Taste made me Convinced, the Tenderness then Confused. The Combination of Lamb and maybe Excessive Masala more than adequate in terms of Portion Size. The Overall Experience was reminiscent of what I have described previously as the Clydebank Curry Taste, with Tomato and Onion dominant. The Spice Level was not Overwhelming, a Moderate Kick.

Shish Mahal MaryHill (6)The Vegetable Paratha was Excellent. I have now abandoned the Keema Paratha, it is too much to eat with a Meat Curry. This was well filled with Potato and Fresh Coriander, a good size at £2.45. For the record, Chapattis are available here at £0.85.

The Waiter approached to ask the Customary Question – Very Good – was my Spontaneous Reply.

With the Killermont Polo Club the only Near Neighbour, one suspects that this Maryhill Road Curry House must do well. It is a bit surprising that there is nothing further North than this Venue other than Takeaways. Does Springburn not deserve a Curry House, perhaps Bishopbriggs is too close?

By the time I was finishing an Extended Family took up a table adjacent to mine. They had arrived from the Rear of the Premises, a back door with a Car Park I deduced. The Shish Mahal operates a BYOB with no Corkage charge. I went up to the Counter and was shown the Bill by the Elder Chap.

The Bill

£13.45. Bang on what I would expect to pay.

The Aftermath

I presented the Brand New Version of the Curry-Heute Calling Card. I was hoping to chat but the phone went.

Somehow I was resembling a Snowman. Flecks from the Tablecloth had covered my clothing. Crazy.

The Waiter returned the Coat, he was now busy showing more people to their tables. It would appear that 18.15 is Curry O’Clock in Maryhill.

A 90 Bus emerged from Ruchill St, whatever happened to Harrington Street, it is no more…


Shish Mahal is now Spice Room

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