Kabana – The Return

Kabana (1)It is almost Three Years since Hector’s last visit to Kabana (64 Seaward St, Glasgow, G41 1HJ), the Food then was Fine, but nothing discovered to make me wish to rush back. It was during the recent Yadgar Party that Raza, a New Acquaintance made that evening, stated that he rated it as highly as YadgarNew Karahi Palace and The Village. A Curry Gauntlet.

Rather than Cook for One, this evening was the Perfect Opperchancity to make a quick drive across to the South Side. It was just on 18.30 as I entered. A Couple were just finishing, Chaps were chatting at the window seat. I was greeted by The Waiter who invited me to choose any seat I liked. I was asked if I was here for The Buffet. A la Carte – was the reply.  I was now The Lone Diner.

Kabana (2)

Hector had Karahi Fish on his mind having examined the On-line Menu earlier. However, my own revue changed my mind. Marg had Fish Karahi last time, it was served in Batter, no thanks. But then, maybe this was negotiable? Karela Lamb was the Stand-out Dish in the Hector Scheme of Things. Two Years ago I was just setting out on my Karela Journey, either I didn’t spot it, or I didn’t spot it. Last time Marg had a Pint of Mango Lassi for £1.00. Could this be repeated?

The Waiter approached, I was ready. Karela Lamb was the request with an Aloo Paratha. He went to the Kitchen to check that Karela was available, it was. An Alu Paratha and a Glass of Mango Lassi would accompany.

Can I have it Well Seasoned please?

Do you mean Spicy? – replied The Waiter.


Salt was verified. I then upped The Ante. Can I have Extra Methi too Please?

This too was noted.

The Waiter returned moments later to check the Spice Level. Medium with a Kick – was agreed.

I took this Opperchancity to ask if on-the-bone was possible. This was noted.

The Potential to serve The Perfect Hector Curry had been established.

The Lassi was not a Pint, the cost was also now £2.00. This had to be sampled to be confirmed.

Kabana (3)Kabana (4)

I had time to take in the Surroundings. Kabana must seat approaching One Hundred. It is a Huge Venue and there is Hall seating Four Hundred nearby. I was sat in the second last Booth of about six running down One Side of the Room. The Kitchen was visible through a Large Window to the Rear, this appeared Substantial. With Two Long Lines of Tables they must be used to seating The Masses. One can only speculate what the Redevelopment of The Village (nearby) has done to Business here. Another Couple arrived and took the booth adjacent to mine. The Chef came out to greet them.

The Waiter had brought me a Warm Plate, for what I was unsure at this time. I had declined the offer of Poppadoms. Last time they were Complimentary and simply brought to the table. I was advised that I could help myself to any Dips or Chutney from the Buffet if I desired.

Kabana (5)

A Stainless Steel Karahi and a Plate with Bread Hanging over The Edge arrived. The Karahi looked splendid. There was no sign of Oil, and certainly no Soup. This was seriously Dry, and Thick. Large Pieces of Bone with Clinging Lamb sat underneath the Masala and Ginger Slivers. This had to be Good.

The Bread looked Strange. Oh, the Paratha has become Two Tawa Chapattis (£1.00) I speculated. Hector was wrong! This was an Alu Paratha, it was so Huge it had to be Folded to fit on the Plate. As is written, even then it was Overhanging. Here comes The Appetite.

Kabana (7)The Paratha had sufficient Potato to satisfy the need for The Interesting Vegetable. This was One Helluva’ Paratha. Excellent.

The only Downside was the Predominance of Bone in the Karahi. At least Six Large pieces of Bone sat Proudly. Just how much Lamb there was there? Difficult to tell. The Masala was Thick with Vegetable. The Karela was there but was not Overwhelming. Perhaps the Extra Methi had Tempered this? A Good Hector Call. The Lamb was being consumed, there turned out to be Sufficient. On another day I might have reported this as just below a Perfect Quantity. What was certain was the Quality of this Curry. Was I glad Raza had planted The Seed. This was as Wonderful as any Hector-Recommended Curry served in Glasgow.

Curry On

The Waiter came across for the Customary Check.

You have given me exactly what I asked for, this is Excellent.

I told him I had been here Two years ago and although the Food was Fine it was not this Outstanding. He was happy to hear this and went on to explain differing scenarios. Sometimes The Chef is new. Sometimes The Customer does not know how to ask for exactly what they want. He acknowledged the Precision of my Order. He also pointed out that he had gone to verify the availability of the Ingredients (Karela), sometimes Waiters/Chefs Carry On Regardless. He then gave me time To Eat.

Kabana Karela LambThe Pleasure continued. For a Brief moment, the distinctive Yadgar Taste was Manifested. It then Faded. Still, one suspects The Reader will by now appreciate how many Thumbs-Up that The Hector is giving this Karahi Lamb on-the-bone with Extra Seasoning and Methi.

The Bill

£12.00. Even with the now Realistic price for the Lassi, this was Good Value.

The Aftermath

I gave the Calling Card, and reminded The Waiter that this was not my first visit.

See you soon – was his parting words.

With Cafe Salma no more, Hector really needs to Champion a Replacement. I must come back soon and try and have the Karahi Fish, hopefully without Batter.

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