Daawat – Mama’s Rasoi, Re-branded?

Hector has dined at Mama’s Rasoi (82 Howard Street, Glasgow, G1 4EE) Twice, and his Mother Once. JD had made quite an Impression on us Both, the Food had been Fair to Good. When I spotted the New Moniker – Dawaat – a few weeks ago I made the resolve to Investigate. New Owners or a Re-branding?

Dawaat (3)Dawaat (2)

Entering just before 21.00 I found the Venue Busy. In my previous visits the place had been empty, but that was in the Daytime. I was Intrigued. What lay in store, what did my Fellow Twenty Three Diners know?

The Laminated Menu

Dawaat (4)Dawaat (5)

The Cover of the Menu described the Business as being a Family Run Establishment with a Modest Chef of Twenty Years Experience. This did not sound like JD who boasted that he cooked for the Indian Prime Minister. Under Lamb Delights (£9.75) was the Lamb Desi Handi – Lamb on the bone, Cooked in a Sealed Pot…with the Ingredients One would Expect an No….!

Chapattis were available at £1.25. Hector’s choice – the Aloo Paratha at £2.95.

The Menu made it clear that Poppadoms and Dips would be charged for. There was also a Minimalist £9.95 Menu which listed Three Courses. The Poppadom et al apparently counted as Course #1.

Hector ordered Tap Water. Around the Room I spotted Folk drinking Wine and Bottled Bier. I made no enquiry as to what else was on offer.

During The Wait which was just over Fifteen Minutes, I had time to take in the Surroundings. The Curved Corner gives the Restaurant a Distinctive Shape, the end furthest from The Door gets Narrow. The Counter looked as it it had had a Makeover. The Open Hatch to The Kitchen remained. The Ambience remained Cheap’n’Cheerful. I was still wondering why the Place was so Busy. A Desi Lamb Dish, it can be anything…

You Must Be Joking

Dawaat (7)My First Mama’s Rasoi Dish was Soup, the second a much Improved Dish. Tonight it was Soup again. The Heart sank, this is exactly what I did not want. The Paratha was definitely Peely-Wally. It was so Thin, still, there could be something to Salvage.

The Spoon was used to Full Effect. I ate the Top of the very Thin Masala as – Soup. Eventually I reached the Meat. I had forgotten the Meat would be on-the-bone. It lay at the Base of the Dish with what looked like Six Pieces of Bone with attached Lamb. And I thought the Kabana Portion was Questionable Two Nights ago. The Masala, and I feel the use of this term is generous, had occasional Pieces of Onion, Floating. Zero Seasoning – is what I recorded. There was no sign of any Herb. With a Moderate Sense of Spice, what Flavour there was,  Uncomplicated.

Dawaat (6)Dawaat (9)

If there was Potato in the Paratha it had been Waved over The Bread. Hector was Far from Impressed. In their Favour, I only had Three Pieces of Bone on my Plate at the end. However, I had not sensed that I had consumed any Bulk.

The Town of Bamberg came to Mind, and not for its Bier Heritage. The Restaurant Zwarg, officially the Worst Curry Review Recorded in these Humble Pages. Hector will not know until this Review is read back which was Less Impressive, this evening or the Zwarg.

Dawaat (8)I started to Wonder.  Is it me?  Are my Fellow Diners – Really Content – eating this and accepting it as – Curry? Am I out of phase with what People Want?

No-one Came

The Standard Question was not asked. Nobody came anywhere near Hector whilst he ate. Maybe just as well.

The Bill

£11.75. Em, how? I wasn’t about to Complain.

The Aftermath

As I presented The Calling Card, I asked Mein Hostess – What happened to Mama’s Rasoi?

Her answer was along the lines of … People thought the venue was for Ladies only.        ?

She assured me that it was the Same Staff and same Chef. Then The Chef will know me. We walked to The Hatch together. The Chef approached. We looked at each other. There was no Recognition.

How did you enjoy the Lamb Desi Handi?

I didn’t.

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