Manchester Kabana – Hector is Recognised on Visit #2

Kabana Manchester Jan23 (1)Kabana (52 Back Turner St, Manchester, M4 1LQ) opens at 11.00. Hector entered at 10.58. Mein Host was setting up, I parked the Outer Garments and returned to Survey The Specials. Lamb Karahi (Boneless) was what Hector had decided upon from the conclusion of the First Visit to these Premises in January 2013. Last time I had the Lamb Karahi on-the-bone, Howard and Tracey’s alternative version seemed better. One and a Half Chapattis – was my attempt at not being given too much Bread. I took my seat as requested and waited.

Kabana Manchester Jan23 (9)Kabana Manchester Jan23 (8)

As Manchester’s Foremost Curry Café, they do not prepare an Large Menu, so the Reheating should not be onerous. A Staff Member was leaving with a Plate of Rice and (?) as I entered. The Takeaway Business was constant throughout the visit. It was comforting to consider that that the Manchester Populous require Curry this early.

Mein Host brought the Karahi and Chapattis. You’re the Website Guy,  Curry-

Hoy-teh (Heute) – I replied to simplify matters. I was remembered.

Kabana Manchester Jan23 (2)Kabana Manchester Jan23 (4)

The Karahi, served in a simple Bowl was Piping Hot. The Chapattis were so Hot that Condensation formed on the underside of the Lower of Two making it Pulp slightly. There was enough Bread for me not to worry.

The Masala was Copious and in the Shorva Style. Well seasoned, it Complemented the Decent Portion of Tender Lamb. The Counter had Two Bowls of Toppings, Green Chillies and Chopped Ginger. I had accepted the offer of these. The Transformation was Astounding. This gave a Simple Shorva The Edge. At £4.50 for the Main I had to mentally question why other venues would charge Three, or even More, times this Modest Price for a Plateful of Curry.

As ever, the Brain was quietly calculating how much Chapatti to Masala would best serve the consumption of this Fine Meal. Hector was then blown away.

Mein Host presented another Bowl, this time containing Rice.

Kabana Manchester Jan23 (6)Kabana Manchester Jan23 (7)

This is the Chicken Biryani, the Friday Special, have this On the House. (BHHIP)

A New Strategy was Required

Hector has not ordered a Biryani in the History of Curry-Heute, though Temptation has reared its head. This was Dry, Drier than Dry. Now my understanding is that Biryani is usually accompanied by a Masala. I had plenty of Masala. The Lamb was Despatched and the Rice Bowl poured on top of that which had Accompanied The Lamb. Start again. Basically I was consuming my Second Curry of the morning. As is the wonder of Food from this Subcontinent, the Curry was in a Completely Different Style. This was Aromatic as much as Spicy. Cloves were to the fore. The Chicken did Nothing. It sat there in the Mix. I could not help thinking of Shkoor and Ahmed, is this what it takes to have Hector eat Chicken Curry?

The Chapattis were abandoned, it was a half hour before Noon, the Limits were reached.

Your Generosity has Defeated me – I announced to Mein Host as I approached The Counter.

The Bill

£5.70. At 60p for a Chapatti this is Rock Bottom.

The Aftermath

I had to congratulate Mein Host on keeping his Prices – Down. He related how he taken his Family of Four out to dine and had to part with £100.00. When one knows the True Value, this is hard to take.

I said I would be back on Sunday (Kabana does not open on a Saturday). Lamb Nehari is the Sunday Special – I was advised. And so it shall be sampled.

Take Care, Hector – was Mein Host’s Farewell.

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