New Karahi Palace – Visit #1 – 2014

Only Punjabi Curry will do

New Karahi Palace Glasgow (1)There was No Friday Night Curry-Heute, Hector does eat Other Food. The Ritual Saturday afternoon Glasgow Curry had to be at the New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ), Chef Rashid makes the Perfect Hector Curry.

Shahid extended both hands across the Counter as I approached. I would not be dining alone. A Chap was in the midst of his Curry Fix, sitting at the Spot where Hector normally sits. There was mutual acknowledgement.

The Hector Curry – Lamb Karahi, on-the-bone, with Extra Methi and Seasoning was duly recorded. I was in the mood for Rice, however, Shahed dissuaded me. He assured me that Karahi works better with Chapattis, but would arrange Rice if I really wanted some. Chapattis it was. Shahid then mentioned Dundee. Hector and Marg had Curry at the Balaka last summer. Apparently one of The Chaps from this very Traditional Indian Restaurant made his acquaintance and mentioned the Calling Card. It is pleasing to hear that Curry-Heute is being discussed within the Curry Trade around Scotland.

Rashid was at his usual place in the Kitchen. I took a Can of Mango Rubicon from the Fridge and sat at the Alternative Seat adjacent to my Fellow Diner.

New Karahi Palace Glasgow (2)My Fellow Diner comes to the New Karahi Palace every time he is in Glasgow. He told me his Father was an excellent cook but he never learned himself. The quality of what was served at home was taken for granted. The Home-style Fayre served up at the Karahi Palace is therefore thoroughly appreciated.

Sometimes there is the Presentation of Salad and Raita and sometimes not. Today there was. A Simple Salad and Excellent Raita.

A Familiar Face took a seat at one of the remaining two downstairs tables. Asian Robin is how I shall describe him. The Stocky Build and Dress remarkably similar. The order was the same as when I last saw him at Cafe Reeshah, Daal and Two Chapattis. His meal came first, he ate in silence, no communication of any sort. He ate, he left.

New Karahi Palace Glasgow (3)New Karahi Palace Glasgow (4)

Shahid brought the Karahi and One Chapatti, the Second followed on. The Karahi was a Visual Feast. A Variety of Lamb Pieces, Chops and other Cuts topped with Ginger Strips and Fresh Coriander. The Masala was there, buried, the Perfect Quantity. It was Thick with Fresh Tomato, no Purées and Food Colouring used here. This Curry-style from the North-West Frontier is preferred above all. Chubby Fresh Green Chillies featured prominently, the Kick was immense. The Eating was Sheer Joy, the Freshness of the Ginger and Coriander blended with the Rich Masala and Array of Tender Lamb, this is Curry! My Fellow Diner watched with interest, he could sense the Pleasures I was experiencing, he had just finished his Wonderful Curry served at the New Karahi Palace.

The Bill

£9.50. I could eat here every day – I said to Shahed as I parted with the cash.

The Aftermath

On display was a very Yellow Dish which I initially thought was Cauliflower, but then I changed my mind. It turned out to be Vegetable Pakora Curry. This I must try.

New Karahi Palace Glasgow (5)On the walk in the rain up Pollokshaws Rd, I reached the Afghan Village, open everyday from Noon till late, this will have to be investigated.

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4 Responses to New Karahi Palace – Visit #1 – 2014

  1. Mark says:

    I have only been once to Punjabi Charing X. I had a chicken Bhuna and thought it was very average. It tasted very strange and I could sense an ingredient in it that shouldnt be there. When I quizzed the waiter about it he informed me that they put sage in the curry. Sage should be no where near a Bhuna !!!

    Hector replies:

    Sounds as if it was a Festive Curry.
    Anyway, I have little sympathy. On reading these pages it will be apparent that Hector does not recognise Chicken as a Base for Curry.

  2. Archie says:

    Sheerin Palace 300 Allison St also worth a visit at the moment lots of different dishes including Kofta & Egg, Pakora Curry, Lamb Palak etc, varies every day. Staff very friendly, different than Yadgar, Village and Karahi Palace but just as good in it’s own way and good value too. A place to eat rather than dine.

    Hector replies:

    … and this is why the Sheerin Palace is officially Recommended by Curry-Heute…

  3. Neil says:

    I had vegetable pakora curry years ago, can’t remember where. I recall it being very pleasant though.

    Hector replies:

    You should make notes on every Curry, it aids the memory…

  4. Methi Addict says:

    Outstanding curry blogging of late Mr.The Hector,thankee.

    Upon your recommendation Yadgar was sampled at 10pm last Friday.Very busy but they squeezed us in.Superb food,full of depth and flavour,reasonably priced.Portions a tad on the small side was the consensus but quality of food excellent.

    Having visited Yadgar,The Village and The New Karahi Palace in recent weeks we felt that whilst all were excellent The New Karahi Palace was the clear standout for flavour,freshness,portion size and value.

    We further salute and support your free poppadoms and chapati campaign.

    Warm regards to Mr.The Hector.

    Hector replies:

    You should order Curry by the (half-)Kilo at Yadgar.

    If you are a Southsider then try the Keema at Cafe Reeshah, or even cross the Clyde to the Punjabi Charing X.

    We are spoiled for choice.

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