Kohenoor Indian Restaurant – Keramikos, Athens – and did Hector mention Stifado?

It Never Rains but it Pours

Athens Last DayActually, the last Rain Marg and Hector endured was as we boarded the easyJet Flight to Athens at Edinburgh Airport on Sunday Afternoon. Just in case Nobody on Planet Earth is aware, Athens has Baked in Sunshine all Week, with Temperatures hitting 20°C +!

I refer to my struggle to find my Favourite Greek Dish in an Athena Taverna.


Stifado Restaurant 1926 (3)Stifado Restaurant 1926 (4)

Stifado Restaurant 1926 (1)As we completed our circuit of The Acropolis, we found ourselves at the Restaurant Area on the Northern, Steep Side, of the Asymmetrical Mount where we enjoyed Traditional Greek Food some years back. Marg reckoned we found the Very Taverna visited previously and so we took a Roof Table opposite the Restaurant proper. The Name of this establishment will be unveiled when I can translate the Greek Letters I struggle with. It was mid-afternoon, too early to eat, again. The Menu said Stifado. The Waiter wanted to bring Two Portions immediately, we said we would be back. Just after 21.00 last evening we returned.

Stifado Restaurant 1926 (8)Stifado Restaurant 1926 (6)

The Lone Diners were Fed and Wined. Marg had Glasgow Chips at The Wee Dram and so a Greek Salad was enough for her. Clive, beware, my Intolerance of Feta Cheese appears to be on the wane. There may not be enough Feta Production in all of Greece to satisfy us both if we ever visit simultaneously.

Stifado Restaurant 1926 (13)Stifado Restaurant 1926 (12)

Stifado, Beef in a Rich Onion and Tomato based sauce, rich in Paprika, served on a bed of Onions. I have used this description already this week for other Greek Dishes. This is how they are. How close to Curry is this?

Stifado Restaurant 1926 (14)Stifado Restaurant 1926 (11)

The Band were warming up as we entered, they played to us. It was almost Lady and The Tramp. We were their Audience. Our Appreciation was shown in every way. Hector had his Stifado, Marg had her Chips.

Stifado Restaurant 1926 (10)

Stifado Restaurant 1926 (15)


Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (4)In keeping with The Cunning Plan, Hector was having Curry for Lunch. The Kohenoor Indian Restaurant (Triptolemou 41, Gazi/Keramikos, 11854, Athens, Greece) is a stretch beyond our usual bit of Athens, One Stop Beyond. Trying to find Triptolemou was not easy. Yes, One walks to the very end of Ermou past the Excavations and reaches the Old Gasworks. The Restaurant is directly through these. Arriving by Metro at Keramikos would have been easier, it is 50 metres to the right of the Exit.

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (1)Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (15)

The Building was Modern, Flashy almost. The Interior walls were decorated in, can I say, a Spartan manner? Marg immediately asked our Waiter how long they had been here – Two years.

It was 14.00, We were The Lone Diners. Apologies were given for having no Sparkling Water or Soda. 7 Up it was to be.

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (2)Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (3)

The Menu was a Hoot. All the Classic Curry Dishes were listed in Our Nomenclature, the Descriptions were all in Greek. Lamb Krahi (€11.00) was on offer. There was no way of identifying if the Dreaded Green Mushy Vegetable would be part of their Krahi. I’ll take a chance.

The Bread has disappointed this week, Vegetable Rice at €5.50 seemed a bit Pricey, but this would possibly be the only Meal of the Day.

Marg decided to have something Sweeter and Lighter than the anticipated Karahi. Chicken Butter Masala and One Chapatti (€2.00) was the choice.

Medium or Spicy? – asked the Waiter. Spicy – replied Hector.

The Mature Chef was visible through the Glass Wall of the Kitchen halfway along the Restaurant. Lots of Scraping Sounds were heard. Would the Krahi be a Stir-Fry? The Aroma of Garlic being cooked wafted through the door from the Kitchen, the Palates were Salivating.

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (5)Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (6)

To the Rear of the Restaurant was an Glass enclosed area, hopefully a partition for the cursed-smokers. This was definitely the most Upmarket Venue of the Week.

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (10)Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (8)

The Two Curry Pots and the Chapatti arrived First. Marg started whilst it was Hot. One Red Curry, One Dark Brown. The Krahi was Brown. It looked the part. No Vegetables were visible, so Rice was the correct call. The Rice was presented moments later. The Boiled Rice contained Green Beans, Peas, Sweetcorn, Cloves and Tiny pieces of RED Capsicum. No Problem.

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (14)Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (7)

From the First Mouthful I knew this was going to be a Special Curry. I broke the Seal on the Masala, if it had been any more Viscous it would have been Solid. How does One Prepare a Masala this Thick? Excellent! The seasoning was the next thing to impress. Marg had a sample, she too noted the Salt Content. This must have stood out even more against her Sweet Dish. The Flavours continued to emerge, the Vegetables and the Rice added different Textures. Hector was in his element. This was easily the Best Curry of The Week. This Curry would Pass Muster in any UK Restaurant. The Karahi in the Indian Kitchen impressed, this was Up Another Level.

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (11)Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (12)

The Plate was cleared. Every Morsel Consumed, with Joy.

the best food of the world – is written on their paper table covers. How True!

Kohenoor Keramikos Athens (9)Meanwhile Marg also cleared her plate. The Chapatti was Smaller and Thinner than those served in the better Glasgow and Bradford Curry houses. It did look like a Chapatti. Chapattis have not necessarily been on the Menu this week. Creamy and Tomatoey, without a Kick – was Marg’s Verdict on the Chicken Butter Masala. Pleasant!

The waiter came across as we neared the end of our Dining Ritual. Wonderful – was how I described the Meal. When he returned at the end I pointed to the Clean Plates. This says it all.

The Bill

€33.00. One can eat Greek Food for less than this, but I would happily have paid more for this Wonderful Curry.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was offered and explained. I showed the Waiter the Curry-Heute Website. He went through the Athens Curry Houses and was surprised that we frequented the Curry/Dhaka Palace. Not the Best part of Town – he suggested. For reasons which did not emerge, he was particularly interested in the Belgian Entries.

Hands were shaken. I shall return here – definitely.

This Venue must be Recommended.

An hour or so later, Marg asked:

Why didn’t you use the 20% Discount Voucher you had from the Metro Map?

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