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Spicy Corner Bradford (1)The Spicy Corner (4 Valley Road, Bradford, BD1 4RU) has been open for over a Year. It is located beside the Bradford Travelodge at Forster Square and is opposite the Station Car Park. Very easy to find, and in a Stand-alone building on a roundabout. The reason that it has taken Hector this long to visit was down to it not being Open Early or Late enough. The Former appears to have been addressed. My Taxi Driver on Friday Afternoon assured me that it is one of his Favourite Bradford Curry Houses – They have the Best Keema Mutter. Jonathan has been informed.

Being a Sunday I was not sure how early it would open, at 11.45 I was not expecting much. I was faced with an Hour to Kill at Shipley, maybe a Curry there? Go early and see what I can find? That the Spicy Corner was opened before the Scheduled Daily Noon Opening Time proved Fruitful.

Not Surprisingly, Hector was the First Customer of the day. Two other Chaps arrived at 12.05.

Spicy Corner Bradford (3)Spicy Corner Bradford (5)

Mein Host was perhaps surprised to see a Customer this early. I took a Table at the very rear, space to park the luggage. The Folded A4 Menu was brought. It had the usual Mainstream Dishes plus at least Five Curry Dishes fit for a Hector, including Two Fish Dishes. Ironically, I did not see any Keema mentioned.

Spicy Corner Bradford (7)Spicy Corner Bradford (6)

The Lamb Karahi was there, the Ingredients listed, no Problem. At the top of the page, similar Ingredients were under the banner – Taka Tak. I would enquire.

I was told the difference was in the Masala. Now when was the First Time a Waiter told me that? Exactly what this difference would be was not forthcoming.

I’ll try the Taka Tak. Mein Host assumed Chicken, why? Chapattis please. I noted that the Menu said Roti only.

Spicy Corner Bradford (8)Spicy Corner Bradford (4)

There was time to take in the surroundings. Paintings occupied the Interior Wall which faced me. Most of the Spicy Corner is Window. This makes for a Bright and Spacious Ambience. With Benches built along the Walls, the Chairs included must accommodate around Fifty Folk in reasonable Space and Comfort.

As I had not seen Mein Host for some time, I concluded he may also be The Chef. However when the Two Chaps entered, they were greeted by a Chap dressed in Chef’s Gear. Hold on, here comes my Taka Tak. Mein Host was also now dressed in a Long Apron, he presented my Taka Tak and Chapattis. No Cutlery, the Traditional Bradford Way.

Hector is used to eating Chapattis but requires a Spoon/Fork to Shovel on the Curry. Using Chapatti as a Shovel I could manage, just.

Spicy Corner Bradford (9)The Taka Tak was served on a Flat Metal Dish. The Portion size was the Largest I have seen for some time. Huge! The Lamb was cut Kashmir (Bradford) Small. The Masala was in the Bradford-style, Thick and just sufficient. Tomatoes were visible, the Masala looked Pulped to Perfection

We had agreed on Spicy. The Spice Kick and the Perfect Seasoning Hit First! Then a Sweetness became apparent. This was Way Sweeter than most Curry Styles, but in no way approaching Tikka Masala Sweet. The Lamb was certainly More Chewy than I would prefer, but not enough to hinder enjoyment. A Curry for Sunday Breakfast, this was Most Enjoyable.

Spicy Corner Bradford (10)Spicy Corner Bradford (11)

At the Halfway Mark I realised I would end up with no Chapatti and a Quarter Curry left. I needed Cutlery. Mein Host brought a Spoon and and a Fork. The Taka Tak was now completed with Greater Ease. I would have this Dish again, but the Karahi now calls, and the Fish.

The Bill

£8.30. The Chapattis were 40p each. A lot of Curry for this price.

The Aftermath

The Chef and Mein Host were at the till. The Chef took the Cash, Mein Host watched on. I asked about Keema Mutter and told them it had been recommended but I did not see it on The Menu. I can do it.

I gave the Calling Card and showed the Curry-Heute website. When I reached Hungary in my list of Counties Visited this caused Mein Host to pay particular attention. Maybe he thought I had some to do with a House?

Hector remains an Independent Reviewer of Curry.

MahrAn Bradford Curry-Heute.comUpdate – October 2015

This venue has been transformed to MahrAn, which may have been open already and closed, or is yet to open.

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