Punjabi Charing Cross – Visit #1 – 2014

The Friday Evening Curry Ritual

Hector has not always been the Lone Diner on a Friday Evening. Dr. Stan has been Co-Diner on many occasions and when he has been in the country, Dr. Rick has joined us too. As this is the First Friday Curry since the Memorial Day for Dr. Rick, it is fitting to mark his passing. There was no clue on our last Curry Outing at Charcoals last September that Dr. Rick would announce in the following days that he would not be with us for much longer. A True Friend who enjoyed Curry, Bier and Chocolate!

Hector entered the Punjabi Charing Cross (157-159 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DA) bang on the 16.30 opening time. Hari looked surprised to have a customer this early and to see Hector.

Punjabi Charing Cross (1) I have not been here for a while, and was determined it would not be March before my first visit of the year. It became evident that Hari has been following The Travels of Hector. Athens and Manchester were both discussed, I’m sure Bradford rated a mention too. The Lahori Dera in Manchester has been the best discovery of the year, so far.

The Complimentary Poppadoms (plural) and Onion Chutney were presented in an instant. The Menu was dismissed.

Punjabi Charing Cross (4)(Keema) Padora – said Hari, who then disappeared to the Kitchen to have it arranged. One cannot imagine a visit here without this King of Starters.

The Lamb Gurmeet was verified as being on-the-bone, plus Chapattis (£0.75).

There was just Hari and Hector, time to catch up. The Other Curry Houses of Glasgow were discussed. The planned renovations at Yadgar, the demise of Café Salma. The fact that I only visited Akbar’s Once last year. The New Karahi Palace is the main reason why I have not been here for some time. I described Howard’s First Karela Karahi Gosht at The New Karahi Palace. Hari said that in India the Locals extract the Juice of the Karela and drink it straight. Unimaginable! The Hanssens Kriek of Fruit Juice!

Punjabi Charing Cross (5)A Sheldon Moment

The Keema Padora was as Superb as ever, and filling too. The Mince may not look much but I mistakenly ordered this as a Main with Chapattis one night and was quickly defeated. The Intensity of the Methi is astonishing. I had to ask why it is a Padora and not a Puri.

Puri is made from Chapatti Flour.

Padora is made from Naan Flour.

And as everyone knows, Gram Flour (from Chickpeas) is used to make Pakora.

Punjabi Charing Cross (6)Punjabi Charing Cross (7)

There was an agreed gap of ten minutes which I stretched even longer after the Keema Padora. Hari brought the Lamb Gurmeet and One Chapatti. One and a Half Chapattis is the Hector Norm, today One would suffice. When the Second was brought later it was declined. The Lamb Portion was not the Largest I have ever seen, Modest would be polite. It became apparent that this was enough. The Appetite was Truly Sated.

The Tender Lamb was up to standard. The Thick Masala had the – Wow! That this was cooked in the same stable as the Keema was evident, the same attention-grabbing Methi Blast. You couldn’t eat this every day, Too Much Pleasure.

I had to remark – Why is it when I cook with Methi it doesn’t come out like this?

Hari’s response – Even when my Wife cooks with Methi it turns out like that.

Lamb Gurmeet, it’s not on The Menu. Simply ask.

Hari told me to phone ahead next time and he will serve me his Wife’s Baked Karela.

A Real Treat.

The Bill

£14.95. The Keema Padora was £4.25. Great Value, Wonderful Curry.

The Aftermath

Punjabi Charing Cross (8)Punjabi Charing Cross (3)

On my way out I had to take a photo of the new font. The Punjabi Charing Cross has now added Kingfisher to the already available Cobra on tap.

(For those who think alcohol is required with Curry)

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