Machi Masala – Fantastic, said Marg

Machi Masala Mar5 (12)The norm is for Hector to cook Curry in the style to which he wishes to become accustomed. Occasionally One has to cater for One’s Audience. The Hector Recipe for Fish Curry is Simples, it always goes down well, A Treat.

The Masala was created and left overnight. In this way the Cream could be added when Cold without fear of Curdling. A Cube of Frozen Methi found its way in too. A mixture of Salmon and Trout which insisted in coming home to my freezer for half price formed The Meat. Rather than risk over-cooking the Fresh Mushrooms, these were fried separately in Garlic and Ginger Strips, the Interesting Vegetable.

Machi Masala Mar5 (1)Machi Masala Mar5 (3)

The Sauce is Fantastic! – was Marg’s immediate exclamation.

Even better than Butter Chicken at Mother India’s Café – was the follow on.

More seasoning – was the Hector verdict.  Despite the abundance of Masala this Curry was not too Wet, or even approaching Soup.  Success.

Machi Masala Mar5 (4)

Machi Masala Mar5 (7)

The Brownie Point Tally is now off the scale.

Machi Masala Mar5 (13)Machi Masala Mar5 (15)

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