Lucozade Karahi – The Road to Wellness

LandmarqThe past eight days have been frustrating. Off work, at work then off again, a situation it has taken Thirty Three Years to finally consider; a record gone.

A Fit Hector is a Hector facing  Curry-Heute, The New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) the most accessible Curry Venue by public transport puts Hector firmly back on The Road to Wellness.

Ayaz was at The Counter serving as I entered. A Warm Handshake was offered instantly.

My Usual Please.

Lamb Karahi.

With Extra Seasoning and Methi.

The Fingers displayed a Number.

Chapattis please.

The Road to Wellness (2)I took my Usual Spot having liberated a Can of Orange Lucozade from the Fridge. I’m definitely milking this. A Glass was provided and The Modest Salad. Without the Raita I tend to ignore it.

Two Chaps were waiting for Takeaways, having dispatched them, Ayaz took up Rachid’s normal position, a busy man today. Ten minutes later the Lamb Karahi was brought with a single Chapatti, Perfect.  I know Ayaz can Cook.

The Solitary Witness

Before attempting once again to describe the wonder that is the Karahi served on these premises, there was a strange occurrence. A New Chap entered and asked for the most astonishing of Takeaways – A Mushroom and Cheese Omelette please. Hector was taken aback, what does he know that I don’t? Ayaz didn’t flinch, the Omelette was prepared and packed, the Chap sent on his way. Takeaway Omelette?

Lamb Karahi – Hector Style

The Road to Wellness (3)The Road to Wellness (4)

There is no denying that this particular Interpretation of my Favourite Food is Hitting the Spot more effectively than any other Curry currently being served in Glasgow. (A Comparison has been set up for this coming Sunday.) The Tenderest of Lamb served on-the-bone with bits of Bone without Meat stirred in too. Perhaps today there was a High Bone Content, yes Alan it happens. Without Bone there is no Marrow, without Marrow the Full Flavours do not emerge. Delight. With the Lamb piled High, the Portion Size is more than adequate.

Shrouding the Meat is the Magnificent and Minimal Masala. I keep referring to this style of Curry as of the Northwest Frontier, with Fresh Tomato to the fore and the Onion pulped there is just enough. The anticipated Oil Slick did not really form on the base of the Karahi today. Less to Dip. Ayaz looked over and asked if I still wished the Second Chapatti, Great timing. The Second arrived just as the First was losing its edge. These are Real Chapattis.

The Joy of Eating continued. The Cooked Herbs were evident on the Palate. The use of Fresh Ginger Strips and Coriander Leaves is becoming Commonplace. The Differing Textures, the Crunch, adds Significantly to the Overall Experience. The Spice Level was never discussed. There is a Level which One knows is Spicy without becoming the Dominant Issue. When both this and the Seasoning are in balance, One has The Perfect Curry.

The Bill

£10.00, exactly.

The Aftermath

There was a – Like – for the Lucozade Karahi photo posted on my favourite Social Media site from none other than Tracey from Landmarq. Hector was Honoured. If only Landmarq would come to Glasgow.

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  1. Archie says:

    Hector, glad to see you’re on the mend, it’s been too long since the last write up. I’ve never heard of Lucozade and curry before but if it helps make you feel better that’s what counts.

    With regards to the omelette, I often cook omelettes at home but there always seems to be something missing and I can never quite get the taste that a good curry house can achieve.

    Hector replies:

    Archie, I think you need help….

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