Himalaya Restaurant – Charming and Accommodating

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This is Day Two of Hector’s Week trying places not visited for a while. I thought I was going to the Himalaya Tandoori, however the re-branded Himalaya Restaurant (1878 Paisley Rd W, Glasgow, G52 3TN) was what awaited. The Website states that the Original Owners dating back to 1984 have been re-established.  That was a Decade ago.  This is well off Hector’s Beaten Track.

On entering the Restaurant at the top of the stairs I was surprised by the Brightness. Once upon a time this Venue was definitely on the Dark Side and with the traditional tablecloths. This evening I found a single Large Room with a window along the far wall permitting the daylight to flood in,  a more contemporary décor. No tablecloths.

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I was greeted by One of the Three Waiters on duty at 17.00 and asked if I wished a la Carte or the Buffet. My Drink was sorted before I had taken my seat. Only a Large Bottle of Sparkling Water was available, and so Tap Water was provided, with a Slice of Lemon.

The Menu was a Large Card with the Starters and Curry on One Side and Sundries on The Other.

Punjabi Masala or Karahi?

Both listed Capsicum but the Punjabi Masala already contained Fenugreek. Time to negotiate. The Waiter was back soon, here we go.

The Non-inclusion of the Mushy Green Vegetable was not a problem. I decided to up the ante.

Is it possible another Vegetable can be substituted?

Having verified Potatoes, the Waiter went off to ask his Colleague. The thumbs were up.  How often do Waiters feign deafness when asked if they can – Tweek the Menu?  Then there’s the establishments who claim the Capsicum is already in…

A Plain Paratha (£2.50) would be the Accompaniment. No more Keema Paratha. No need for Aloo Paratha, Potatoes taken care of, already.

Glasgow Himalaya Restaurant (4)The Brightness of the Venue still puzzled Hector who can remember his previous visits here. Another Bottle of Wine… drifted through the memory banks. I was not The Lone Diner, a Couple were well ensconced in The Buffet when I entered the premises.

I estimated that over One Hundred could be seated. This is a Large Venue. The Menu was typical of a Mainstream Restaurant. I had little time to observe more, the Curry arrived. Less than Ten Minutes had past. No time to set up the wi-fi available from the Bookies below.

The Delivery Waiter described the Dish as he placed it on the table.

No Capsicum, Lamb and Potato.

The Orange Colour puzzled. At least it wasn’t Red. The Paratha was a Large Rectangle, different. The Paratha was Excellent. The Best I’ve had in a while.

Glasgow Himalaya Restaurant (7)Glasgow Himalaya Restaurant (8)

There was not a lot of Tender Lamb in the Punjabi Masala. One feels this had very much become a Lamb and Potato Curry. Maybe Hector has become spoiled by his Favourite Places to such an extent that a Normal Portion now feels Modest. The Masala was Onion-based, Thick and Orange. There was a Subtle Kick with a Very Slight Sweetness, and so I could not detect the presence of the Methi.

The Ample Paratha was the Stand-out, the Curry once again best described as Fine.

The Bill

£12.45. Well within Acceptable Parameters.

The Aftermath

A Lady who was evidently part of the Family who own the Himalaya became the focus of Hector’s attention when the Calling Card was given. She was interested as to whether I had found anywhere worthwhile in Europe. Regular Readers know the answer to this. I was told how her Family had taken back the running of this Venue Ten Years ago. We recalled the Dimness and Formal Atmosphere of the Previous Incarnation. The Seating Capacity was confirmed at 120.

I admitted my preference for Curry Cafés over Restaurants. She then mentioned the availability of – Desi, whilst her Colleague suggested the – Chef’s Curry. It is clear that the Himalaya are happy to cater for whatever people desire. As I pointed out, I wouldn’t expect this when just walking in off the street as I had done. However, for the Regulars, and a possible Hector Return Visit…

The Staff were very Accommodating and proved their Versatility by catering for my participial requirements this evening. As for Charm, well, at no time did the Three Waiters sound as if the Customary Question whilst I ate was that of an Automaton, which is annoyingly too often the case.    The sincerity was most apparent.

I wish the Himalaya continued success.

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    The nostalgia trip continues then. If only the Akbar was still there.

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