Sheerin Palace – And Two New Allison Street Discoveries

Danny SinghsCurry was in the Diary for this evening. Danny Singh is taking over an Upstairs Curry House in Victoria Rd, Glasgow’s South Side. This will Complement his existing Takeaway, alas the Grand Opening has been postponed until later this month. When Robin suggested a German Bier at the Allison Arms this afternoon, Hector was soon heading South, but to where?

Sheerin Palace Curry-Heute (1)The Sheerin Palace (300 Allison St, Glasgow, G42 8HQ) has not been visited for a while, a Back to Basics Curry Experience is guaranteed. Mein Host smiled in recognition when I entered. Once again he took me through the Pre-cooked Dishes on display. The Pakora Curry in Yellow Creamy Sauce caught the eye, one day. The Lamb and Liver did not suite the Hector Palate, the Chicken Curry may better be enjoyed by Someone else. The Lamb (on-the-bone) and Potato was irresistible. The Chicken Biryani looked the Perfect Accompaniment. How could I resit the Aloo Gobi?

I was asked if I wanted everything to be served separately or together.

Whatever was you think is best.

I was advised that the price would be appreciably lower by having everything served together. And so it was. Did I hear a – Ding?

Sheerin Palace Curry-Heute (3)Sheerin Palace Curry-Heute (2)

A Modest Salad and Raita was brought to the table moments before the Overflowing Plate of Curry and Rice.

Sheerin Palace Curry-Heute (4)The Cauliflower was the First bit sampled, – Gosh! I write often about the Seasoning, again this was exactly as it should be. Marvellous Flavours from the Simple Masala. The Lamb Portion was on the Small side and the Masala relativity Thin, but Thicker than the Shorva Curry I have eaten here in previous visits. Lesser Pieces of Chicken on-the-bone sat in the Rice. These proved my point about Chicken yet again. If one wishes Spicy Chicken go to Nando’s.

Having devoured the Lamb, Potato and Cauliflower, I realised I was going ot be left with Dry Rice. A Brainwave – I went up and ordered another Portion of the Excellent Aloo Gobi.

This is Outstanding – I told Mein Host as he set it before me.

He smiled, he knows you know.

The Bill

£8.00. I’m glad I came, just for the Cauliflower.

The Aftermath

Walking along Allison Street I passed the Desi Curry Palace (144 Allison St, Glasgow, G42 8RP), a Takeaway that has been recommended. Two Chaps were eating whilst standing at a Small Shelf. Interesting. I also passed the Lasani Grill (223-225 Allison street, Glasgow, G42 8RU), a Venue I always assumed just sold Pizza, Burgers etc. I popped in and spotted some Curry Dishes on display under the Counter. I took the Menu and discovered a whole Array of Curry Dishes. Desi Lamb Karahi is even available at £22.00 per Kilo. This will have to be investigated.

Desi Curry Palace Curry-HeiuteLasani Grill

With a spring in my step I entered the Desi Curry Palace and asked about eating in. I was informed that two tables will be in place in a couple of weeks. Once again Desi Lamb Karahi is available by the Kilo at £22.00.

Glasgow’s South Side, The Home of Curry.


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