Curry Fest @ The New Karahi Palace

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (7)The Week of Curry Excess Continues, this evening was scheduled to be The Climax. Alan last set foot in The New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) on November 5, 2011. He and Noddy were not impressed, too many Bones! There was nothing wrong with Hector’s Portion that night. Alan loves his Curry and is not afraid to state when things are not Perfect. As a Regular Reader of Curry-Heute, Alan knows the frequency at which Hector visits this Venue. It has become a Firm Favourite in recent months, a rival to the Perfection that is Yadgar.

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (1)The Rendezvous Time was 19.15. Ayaz had been informed last Friday that we would be Two, eating the Full Half Kilo. Alan arrived First and was shown to One of Three Downstairs Tables. The Modest Salad and Raita were immediately forthcoming. Where was Hector?  Where were the Tomatoes?

For reasons unknown, Hector boarded the Subway at Cowcaddens in the wrong direction. Ten minutes late, unforgivable.

Rashid was in – His Spot – The Chef has been missing in recent visits, Ayaz, a more than capable Chef himself has filled in. Ayaz greeted me as I took my seat, my back to the room for Once. I reconfirmed the order, just as well, he assumed we were sharing a Half Kilo. Tonight was about Serious Curry Eating, a Half Kilo Each required. Rashid was told the news and Magicked another portion.

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (2)Ayaz brought a Single Large Karahi and placed it before me, this was definitely The Business. Another flowed seconds later along with Two Large Chapattis. And Their off…

Everything was Hotter than Everything Else

Piping Hot is how I like my Food to be served. Alan immediately managed to burn his forearm on the handle of the Karahi. Not that he complained…

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (3)New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (5)

A Portion is Satisfying, the Half Kilo is a Treat that can only be enjoyed Sporadically. To Savour the Moment is part of the Ritual. More Meat than One thinks a Single Person can eat, Alan didn’t think he would manage it. Hector was happy to have his back to the room. Tearing Strips off the Piping Hot Chapatti, scooping up the Tenderest of Lamb and the Most Magnificent Masala, Hector in Curry Heaven, and not for the First Time.

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (4)The Array of Bones revealed the Source of the Lamb, Chops, Ribs, Wherever. One can only eat a Half Kilo because the Bone Content is Significant, a Welcome Pile of Bones forms on the adjacent plate. Reaching the Halfway point and sees what is left, then the merits of this amount comes into its own. The only thing better than Quality Curry is more!

The Masala is what creates this Undefinable Dish we call Curry. Alan remarked that too many Venues are serving more and more Masala with their Portions, Soup as I constantly refer to this scenario. The Outstanding Venues have this under control, enough such that One is not eating simply Meat and Vegetables, plus of course, the Source of the Intense Flavours. The Tomato content of this particular Karahi is where I think the Texture and Flavour of the Masala is based. Yadgar’s equivalent Dish is Punjabi in Origin, this is from further West again. The same Dish, literally sourced Many Miles apart, Variety, they key to being able to eat Curry this regularly.

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (6)A Freshly made Third Chapatti was brought just before the End Game. One to share being quite enough. One does not wish to Over-indulge.

It is worth mentioning that the Chapattis here bear little resemblance to the peely-wally offerings served in the majority of outlets.  These are Sound.

Alan was finished First, the Base of a Shiny Karahi exposed. His immortal words – Menus say the Curry will be cooked in the Karahi, this was!

Ayaz came over to check all was well throughout the Meal. Smiles all around.

The Bill

£27.00. One Kilo of Lamb Karahi and Three Chapattis.

The Aftermath

A Chap was passing by as I took the Exterior Photo in the Twilight.

You must have enjoyed that.

This is one of The Best Curry Houses in the City – was Hector’s reply.

New Karahi Palace Curry-Heute (8)Alan later showed off his forearm. Sympathy.

We’ll see how long it takes Alan to return this time, and wearing long sleeves…

Some Like it Hot.

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