Lasani Grill – Another Glasgow Desi-Curry House Discovered

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (2)Once upon a time there was The Village, Hector sampled The Curry and became Resident. On the same street was the New Karahi Palace, how many years had Hector walked past before discovering the Wonder that is this Most Modest of Curry Houses? Allison Street runs parallel to Calder St,. Allison Street contains the Sheerin Palace, visited enough to know that what is served there is way above the Norm of The Mainstream. On Calder street lies Yadgar, My Current Home. Once again I ask myself how many times I have walked past the Lasanai Grill (223-225 Allison street, Glasgow, G42 8RU), believing it to be just a Grill House like the premises opposite the Laurieston Bar? On Thursday, everything changed. Maybe I had glanced in their direction, even through the door, on Thursday I saw Curry.

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (10)

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (11)

Yes, this last Two Weeks have been a period of Curry Excess, as next week will reveal, I had to find out today. Steve declared an interest in Curry-Heute, well, he’s on Holiday too.

Taking advice from the Takeaway Menu, I phoned early afternoon. The Menu stated the availability of Lamb Desi Karahi by the Kilo. I negotiated Two Potions of Karahi without Capsicum. It took Two Attempts to communicate with the Chaps on the other end of the phone. Something was ordered, Hector was expected.

Marg dropped me in Victoria Road, Danny Singh’s still not open. On entering I made it clear I was The Chap who had phoned. We appeared to start again – Two Lamb Karahi, no Capsicum.

Mein Host enquired about the Spice level.

Spice is OK. Three Chapattis were greed upon.

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (4)Steve was punctual despite having walked further along Allison Street than ever before. This is The Southside, of Glasgow, Home of Curry..

The ever so Modest Salad with Integral Raita was presented, but no means of actually removing it from the platter. We looked, Steve did sample some later on. By then Hector was too busy enjoying Curry.

The Lasani Grill

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (12)Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (13)

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (3)Yes, this Venue sells Pizza, the Locals love Pizza. The Array of Pre-cooked Dishes was on display under the Counter, possibly more than on display in Yadgar, certainly more than the Sheerin Palace This was a Saturday. A Large Room sat to the right of the Takeaway room, Eight Tables each sitting Four in plenty of Space. The Décor was Bright, Welcoming, just. Why have I not really seen People sit here in the times I have passed by? No doubt I shall return in the darkness of winter, when the place is mobbed.

Cut to The Chase

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (5)Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (6)

Mein Host and Colleague brought the Two Karahi Portions and Three Chapattis. Steve and Hector were already salivating in anticipation. There was More Masala than the Perfect Hector Curry, but what there was passed muster. This was suitably Thick, but what about the Taste? Steve was there First. Positive Words came across the table. We had to ask for Utensils, however, Hector was tearing into the Chapattis already. These were Large and Dry, more Roti than Pure Chapatti. Four different Chapatti styles were on offer, we know not what we had.

Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (7)Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (8)

Four Lamb Chops were the Meat Content, enough. Very Tender, how could Lamb Chops not be? The Spice Level was upped by the inclusion of Chopped Large Green Chillies. The Masala was cause for Celebration. A Slight Sweetness, but Seriously Rich in Flavours. We both knew how much better this was than what is offered in The Mainstream Venues. Future Visits were now being assumed. Another New set of Flavours at a New Venue.

There’s More

Mein Host did the Customary Check. He returned to see Two Empty Karahi and the Debris of One Chapatti. He brought the (Takeaway) Menu and pointed to the Desi Section.

He introduced himself – Waris – but had never heard of Waris Hussein of 1963 fame.

I was instructed that next time I should phone and ask for the Fresh – White – Desi Karahi. This is cooked with no Red Spice/Pepper, only White, Black and Green Chillies. This sounds very much like the Interpretation of Curry in the Punjab- Afghanistan neck of the woods. Hold back The Hector.

Curryspondents, sign up now!

The Bill

£19.00. This included Two Bottles of Sprite. Oh, yes.Lasani Grill Glasgow Curry-Heute Visit #1 (9)

The Aftermath

Waris and Colleague were happy to pose for the Ritual Photos. They know I shall return. Where is Dr. Stan?

Glasgow’s South Side, The Home of Curry.

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