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Yadgar April19 Curry-Heute (1)That were al-right – as Ricky remarked about the Best of Kraków Curry consumed this week. Back home, a Saturday afternoon, The Lone Diner headed to The Southside where The Best of Glasgow Curry is served.  Yadgar (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) has been Hectors’ House since soon after the inception of Curry-Heute. I do try Pastures Anew, whilst remaining faithful to the Close Rivals. However, there is something Extra Special about the Curry served at Yadgar.

Normally the order is telegraphed days before arrival to ensure that the Favourite – Goshat Karahi –  (Lamb on-the-bone) is waiting, today was different.

The Man with No Name was behind the Counter, still no Naveed. I considered it best to state that I was not expected less panic break out in the Kitchen. Surveying the Dishes on display under the Counter, I asked for a run through. The majority of Meat Dishes were Chicken, no thanks. The Single Lamb Dish contained Liver, the One Meat I cannot eat. In the far left corner was the Truly Outstanding Yadgar Vegetable Curry. I had entered Yadgar  with No Plan, One was formulated instantly.

A Portion of Vegetable Curry with One Chapatti, and when it’s ready, a Portion of Goshat Karahi with One Chapatti. It can take up to Forty-Five Minutes for the Chef to produce the Goshat Karahi, I would have time to fully enjoy the Vegetable Curry whilst regain composure. A Curry Plan!

Yadgar Veg Curry-Heute (1)Yadgar Veg Curry-Heute (2)

I have written at length criticising the charging for Poppadoms, Dips, Chapattis et al. At   Yadgar, they above criticism. In a Flash, Two Poppadoms, a Hot and Spicy (yes both!) Dip and Spiced Onion were placed on the table. This took me aback, especially when the Full Bunte Salad also arrived. The Brain and Stomach had formulated an equation whereby what I had ordered could be consumed comfortably. Recalculation required. Fortunately, there was a delay in the arrival of the Vegetable Curry, no – Ding – here. The Salad had Black Olives, Pickled Green Chillies and a host of Healthy Greens plus Sliced Carrot.

The Vegetable Curry

Yadgar Veg Curry-Heute (3)Yadgar Veg Curry-Heute (4)

As Regular Readers know, this was first presented to Hector as a Freebie by Mr. Anwar Sr. one afternoon. I always enquire about its availability. Too often it is an Indulgent Add-on. Today I could give it the fullest of Appreciation. Potatoes, Peas and Sliced Carrots in a Thick, Minimal Yadgar  Masala. I believe this to be the same Masala that forms the Karahi. The distinctively Unique Yadgar  Taste is what turns the Ordinary into the Outstanding. How this created remains a Mystery. Those who have experienced this Dish know The Taste. Those of you who have not, well…

The Single Large, Real Chapatti was as ever, the Perfect Foil.

Yadgar April19 Curry-Heute (4)All of this had taken time. I was well into the time period to prepare the Goshat Karahi. The Plan appeared to be working. There was time to relax and take in the surroundings. Still the scaffolding shrouds the premises, still the Takeaway Trade is Brisk. Two Families with Children had sat during my visit, the First enjoying Curry, the Second, Pizza. I hope never to sample Yadgar  Pizza.

Lamb Goshat Karahi (on-the-bone)

The Village, Punjabi Charing X, New Karahi Palace, Kabana, Lasani Grill, Akbar’s are Six other Glasgow Venues where Lamb Karahi Interpretations are currently served to a Level which Hector considers to be Outstanding. I would love a Blind Tasting. The Hector Curry-climax has been achieved at all of these Venues. The Chef’s should be rightly proud of what they serve, all Wonderful in their own Distinctive way. I do not like making Comparisons between Venues. I admit to having eaten more Curry at the New Karahi Palace in recent times, the Lasani Grill now intrigues. Yadgar retains Top Spot and has retained this since my my Second Visit, having passed the Curry-Heute Test. This should go on The Homepage.

Yadgar April19 Curry-Heute (2)The Lamb was Beautifully Cooked. The Bone Content was sufficient to add the Secret Flavours. The Portion size was beyond reproach. The Masala was exactly how Hector desires it, Thick and Minimal. The Oil content added that Extra Something. One can easily Over-indulge on this, The Friends of Hector have at times. Not to come here is part of the Strategy of keeping the Enjoyment Factor so high. The Pleasure Rating is what motivates The Blogger. To keep writing. (Maybe I can keep this below 1000 words, Jonathan.)

Mein Host asked after a few moments if I required the second Chapatti which he had brought. No way could I eat this, it was declined.

Naveed arrived for his shift. He observed that Hector was in full Enjoying Goshat Karahi Mode and knew nothing of what came before. He as ever asked if I required anything more. Mr. Arshad, The Chef, came out of the Kitchen. I had only spotted the New Chef, and did not know who else was in the Kitchen. Mr. Arshad asked how the Karahi was.

You know how Wonderful this is! He laughed and retreated back to the Kitchen, again having established that I required nothing more.  Service.

Sliced Carrot – Hector Presents a Theory

Yadgar Vegetable CurryWe have tried to workout what makes the Yadgar Taste so Pleasurable. The Sliced Carrot in the Salad is a departure from the Norm. So Yadgar use lots of Carrots. The Vegetable Curry contains Sliced Carrot. The Masala is what makes a Curry. Is there Grated or Puréed Carrot in the Masala? The Masala has a Fibrous Texture which could be Ginger, and is certainly not Onion, I propose that it is Carrot that is at the Root of the Yadgar Taste!

Hector awaits Comments.

The Bill

£15.00. Naveed had no idea what I had consumed when I approached the Counter, he had to check. £15.00, The Standard Price for Being Fed.

The Aftermath

The Traditional Saturday Afternoon Ritual was commenced at the Allison Arms. The Demographics there are changing.  Stevie commented on how addictive he finds reading this Blog.  Cheers.

More Curry is planned for Tomorrow. The Final Curry in this Sequence of Indulgence.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    There are 4 things that make up the basic masala: ginger, garlic, tomatoes and onions (plus the spices. South Indian dishes also have coconut). There are no standard proportions for any dish and every cook uses a unique combination of these 4. Hence, the difference in the taste.
    One other difference is the type of fat used: oil – corn, canola …, or real ghee – clarified butter, or normal commercial ghee – hydrogenated palm oil.

    I think the main differentiating factor is when the meat and the masala come together. Most establishments in the UK (including some famous ones in Bradford) bring the two together just before serving.

    Hector replies:

    I’ve got you on a roll…
    Yes, I have learned to cook the masala and meat separately.
    I am soon to receive a birthday gift, a pressure cooker, to enable more efficient cooking of mutton.
    I might add some grated carrot just to see…

  2. Ahmed says:

    carrots ? yadgar masala or any other masala.

    The only carrots that you would ever come across in desi food are: (1) as part of a veg mix (see above), and (2) as “gajar ka halwa” (carrot pudding ??).

    Hector replies:

    I knew you would take the bait.
    So explain the texture and unique Yadgar taste?

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