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Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (8)Earlier in the day I met Tim and after a lengthy discussion about the improvement in the Quality and Range of Ale in Helensburgh he added – I do read your (Curry) Blog. Later a Chap I barely recognised said – Hi Hector – as we waited at the Bar. It is a pleasure to be recognised and gratifying to know the people who read these humble pages. A Night out in Helensburgh can only end in Curry-Heute. The choice of Venues is soon to expand as the Teak and Ash is currently being converted. It will be visited one day soon. Meanwhile, there really is only One Helensburgh Curry House, The Akash (45 Sinclair St, Helensburgh, G84 8TG). Rashid and Ashgar are happy to go the Extra Mile to ensure that the Customer is served exactly what they desire.

It was approaching 22.00 when Steve and Hector entered the upstairs premises. A Couple were on the raised dais to the rear, in the middle of the room and Indian Family were Dining.

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (7)Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (9)

The Menu was brought by Irfan and instantly dismissed. A new challenge – Please Feed us. Ashgar appeared from the Kitchen to verify. Anything but a Chicken Main Course – was the clarification. And so Steve and Hector were Fed.

The Starters

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (10)Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (11)

A Pair of Shami Kebabs (each) were brought plus a Plate of Chicken Chat. The Masala covering the Chicken was Tasty. The Chicken was – melt in the mouth.  Fear not, Dear Reader, I have not lost it.

The Meaty Kebabs were suitably Spiced, hitting the back of the throat, – oh yes!

The Mains

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (13)Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (14)

Steve had told me how Large the Naans had become, now I witnessed this for myself – Gosh. The Bread was thoroughly Cooked and Fresh. A bit more of a Burnt Exterior and this would have been Stunning, not too shabby as served though. A Plate of Pilau Rice also made an appearance. These are the Two Accompaniments Hector rarely orders these days, a fine change.

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (16)Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (15)

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (19)Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (20)

Two Karahi were brought, One was a refined version of the Hector SpecialLamb Karahi with Extra Methi. The balance has been redressed here, not as Extreme as first served, a Temperate Hector Special. There is only One Dish which can compete with Lamb Karahi – another Lamb Karahi. The Second Dish was served with the Lamb on-the-bone in a more Traditional Masala. Rashid, beavering away in the Kitchen has a Masala that is Flavoursome and Spicy. To be served Lamb on-the-bone without Pre-ordering was impressive. Perhaps One now has to ask on every visit what Desi Dishes are available.

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (18)As we ate there was discourse developing between ourselves and the Indian Family. Ashgar came over and said they were in fact from India and were touring Scotland. Where should they go? Hector was now in full Hector Mode. Having established they were Oban bound, a well known and reliable Curry Website revealed the name – Light of India. I had already written Crinan Canal as a stop off place en route. By now the Two Chaps were standing beside Steve and Hector as we Dined. Curry and Curry Conversation – simultaneously, how good was this? Inverness was their next stopover – Rajah and then on to Aberdeen – Shri Bheema. Oops, Hector forgot about the Echt Tandoori. Taking the Calling Card they promised to study this Website, so if so, Echt is 20km inland from Aberdeen, and Book in advance! Sadly, Glasgow, they had done already.

The Bill

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (21)£0.00. Thank you for coming.

Ashgar had expressed his thanks for me taking time to give the Route Plan to the Co-Diners. Steve couldn’t believe The Bill. A First. However, there was no way this Offer could be accepted and so we both paid the standard £15.00 that is the – Wednesday and Thursday order all you wish deal.

The Aftermath

The last train was at 23.10. It was 23.08 when the latest Ritual Photos were begun. Hector had to acknowledge that the Akash (New-co) have just won Restaurant of the Year – SW Scotland – in the Scottish Curry Awards. Given the Mammoth Input that Ashgar and Rashid have undertaken and the Desire to Please, this is truly deserved.

Akash Helensburgh Curry-Heute (24)

Now, who wins Awards?

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