Poznan – Restauracja Indyjska Shivaz – Plus – An Evening with Steven Wilson


This evening, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) played at Sala Ziemi, Poznan, Hector was there. Howard and Nigel would love to have been here, Retirement has its priviliedges.

Hector arrived in Poznan just as one half of the Old Firm had equalised. The next hour or so was spent glued to the Replacement Samsung, where with the aid of wi-fi and the Mobdro App, the second half, extra time and penalties were endured. A Glasgow Rangers Victory, Steven Wilson Live, and Curry would make Another Perfect Day.

Last October, two Poznan Curry Houses were visited, it was time to give the third a chance.

Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (2)Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (1)

Restauracja Indyjska Shivaz (Mielzynskiego 16, 61-829 Poznan) was open this Sunday afternoon. Located in the heart of the city, the street was easy to find, but not the Curry House. Polish Addresses are trying. The Restaurant was found round the back of the block, the entrance is at the edge of the car park on 27 Grudnia, next to the Teatr Polski.

Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (3)The Taj Mahal, without scaffolding, faced me as I entered. Two Diners were in situ, it was approaching 16.00. A Waitress brought the Menu. Sparkling Water was required, lots of it. Doris brought a Big Jug (10 Zl), Perfect.

Lal Gosht (34 Zl) – Mutton in spicy masala sauce – with Vegetable Pulao (16 Zl) was the most appealing choice. Behind me, Staff were assembling for their Meal. I was keen to see what the Staff Curry would be.

Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (14)I found myself sitting under a balcony, there is more to this venue than the off-street location would suggest. Was there ever an entrance from the official address?

Vegetable Pulao

There was Loads, more than a man could eat. Cauliflower, Peas, Carrots, Green Beans and Cashew Nuts were mixed through the Rice. The Nuts gave yet another Dimension and Texture, a great idea. This was a Quality Accompaniment.

Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (6)Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (10)

Lal Gosht

Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (7)Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (8)

Ten very Tender pieces of Lamb/Mutton were served in a suitably Thick Tomato Masala. Under-seasoned and lacking in Spice – were noted at first, then the Flavours emerged. The Vegetables made the meal. From Very Average, the level of enjoyment grew, this became a more Memorable Curry as I worked my way through. Still Mainstream by any level of comparison, this was a worthy European Curry.

Poznan Shivaz Curry-Heute (11)The Bill

60.00 Zl (£10.70) Curry and Rehydration for a Tenner.

The Aftermath

Mein Host was seen both in and out of the Restaurant. Having given a Calling Card to the Waitress it stayed put. I approached Mein Host and Company outside. The Website was introduced, they were impressed. The Chaps are Punjabi, always a welcome statement. I promised to return.

An Evening with Steven Wilson

The album – Hand Cannot Erase – was released early 2015. As a fan of Porcupine Tree since 1996, the work of Steven Wilson is well known to Hector. The said CD was purchased, listened to, and cast aside. SW played Edinburgh, Hector was not there. As 2015 progressed so Sources kept mentioning the magnificence of this album, time to listen again. By the autumn I was hooked, this album is best listened to as one continuous piece of music even though it is broken into discrete songs.

In January 2016, Marg, Hector, Howard and Nigel went down to Newcastle. We were well impressed. Hector had to see this Tour again, here I am in Poznan.


Taxi Doris took me to Sala Ziemi but had no idea which entrance was in use, there are many. Nor did the public who were wandering up and down the street. My apartment is across the road from the rear side of the International Fair, again no entrance apparent from there earlier in the day.

Only having gone though an entrance was there a small paper sign pointing which way. There was still a hike through the complex.

Row A, Seat 1



Photos were not permitted at Newcastle so the stage set-up was photographed. The Sala Ziemi is an impressive hall, empty at 19.30, full at 19.59 when the Piano Intro began.

20160417_195313Hand Cannot Erase was played, in order, and in its entirety as the first part of the concert. SW, speaking in English informed the audience that some of the back projections were shot in Poznan. There were breaks between the – Songs – I would have preferred continuous Musik, however, when IQ unveiled Subterranea at Bury, it was approaching two hours before anyone spoke to the audience. Weird.

Piano Forte

20160417_224633The Album varies in style. The first twenty minutes are songs, melodic, catchy, emotional with the necessary SW Heavy Chords blasting. The album progresses through the more Instrumental Phase, some of the Keyboard and Guitar interplay makes the hairs on the neck stand up. The classic – Moog – solos, this is The Perfect Rock Album, and it’s Prog!

An Old Firm Win, Good Curry, Rowing Jack, and now SW in Concert – Hector has had, he has had,  the Perfect Day.


There was an Interval

The second set has varied as the Tour has progressed. We were treated to a variety of compositions from the back catalogue. As SW admitted, if he is to remain an Artist and not just a Performer, then he cannot simply go on stage every night and play all the Old Favourites. So no Radioactive Toy, Sky Moved Sideways or Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, etc.


Drag Ropes (Storm Corrosion) started the second set. I do not particulalrly like this album, the repetitive vocals on Drag Ropes, well…  The interpretation this evening did not annoy, it must have been rearranged. Open Car (Deadwing – PT) put us back in familiar territory. At the start of 2016, a Mini Album – 4-5 was released. At Newcastle the songs were very new, today the audience had a chance. My Book of Regrets starts this album and was the next song, followed by Index (Grace for Drowning). More Porcupine Tree – Lazarus (Deadwing – PT) and Don’t Hate Me (Stupid Dream – PT) also on 4.5 recreated the atmosphere of familiarity that was achieved in the First Set. Vermillioncore (4.5) was the penultimate song before a wonderful rendition of Sleep Together (Fear of a Blank Planet – PT) brought the set to a close.


There had to be Encores. Having sat, politely, throughout, it was parents with young children who led the way to the front of the stage. More joined, Hector was able to move a few metres left just to be part of this.


There was a tribute to a performer I have never rated, hint I am going to see Michael Rother later this year. Space Oddity. When one has composed so much Wonderful Musik, why perform other people’s? The Sound of Muzak (In Absentia – PT) was the middle part of the Encore before the song that should have made $millions for SW. Complete with emotional back-projection, The Raven That Refused to Sing brought the performance to a magical conclusion.

20160417_225151Sala Ziemi emptied, following the traffic, I found myself 50m from my apartment.

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