Bradford – International – The Hector and Shahi Kofta

Two hours were spent this morning trying to secure tickets for Steven Wilson in Poznan next February. Time will tell if I have been successful. Pre-sales, ticket agents, at least in Europe one only pays face value plus delivery.

The result was Hector was not out for Brunch until well after Noon. Arriving at the International (40-42 Morley Street, Bradford, BD7 1BA), I was not surprised to see so many tables occupied. Mein Host greeted me from his spot behind the counter, as he does everyone. A staff member having lunch also raised his head in acknowledgement. It is some forty hours since Hector was last here.

No Poppadoms – I said to the Waiter as he showed me to a small table at the foot of the stairs. He brought the Menu, my choice was already made – Shahi Kofta (£8.00), the Dish which The Man from Bradford has declared as his Favourite Curry, presently.

Spicy Medium was the agreed Level. The Inclusive Three Chapattis would accompany. The Bottle of Tap Water was devoured, the temperature has risen markedly since yesterday.

The Waiter returned to verify I wished the Egg to be added, this was confirmed.

Hamburger Curry

The same Pyrex Dish that I saw on Monday evening was presented. Five Flat Patties, the Kofta, were accompanied by Bradford-small cut Lamb. Ricky had remarked on Monday that he did not have much Lamb in his Shahi Kofta, today the Meat count was well into double figures. Atop all this was Egg which was somewhere between Scrambled and Fried. Presumably this had been stirred in at the point of serving. Where the Egg had met the Oil it had started to – Fry – else it – Scrambled.

Tomato was very much a feature of the Masala. Egg and Masala proved to be a worthy combination, Oily Egg was a new dimension. The Lamb, which may have been Tikka as described on the Menu, gave The Bradford Curry Blast. The more Lamb I ate, the more Lamb I found. The Kofta had to be cut into four in order to accommodate the bits of Chapatti. I realised that this was a huge amount of Curry to be eating at Lunchtime.

Is Bradford twinned with Erlangen?

The Herb-rich Kofta were very well Seasoned and well cooked, to the edge of being burnt. The Flavour from these was Immense, initially. As I ate on so the Seasoning proved to be too much. This is the man who always wishes his Food to be Well Seasoned, this Curry was a spoonful of Salt too far. Not since The Curry House in Erlangen have I tasted a Curry this Salty. The Chef there has toned it down a little since I pointed this out.

The Lamb, the Egg and the Masala gave relief, the Oily residue collecting on the base of the dish was another source of Flavour. There was still much to enjoy, too much. When the final Kofta stared up at me, I wondered if I was staring back at defeat. Somehow I found the determination to finish the lot. A truly Immense Curry, one I should recreate. This means I will now have to post my Recipe for Kofta.

The Bill

£8.90. Why?

The Aftermath

The Man from Bradford insisted that an evening Chef would have prepared the Shahi Kofta differently, no doubt.

The Salty Chef – remarked The Bradford Curry Blogger on a certain Social Medium.

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