Glasgow – Lasani Grill – Lunch with Mother, Steve Hackett with Marg

After the fortnightly shop with The Mother of Hector, it was time for Curry-Heute. Lasani Grill (223-225 Allison street, Glasgow, G42 8RU) was the chosen Curry House. I must keep my face known at the various Southside Venues.

Chef Habib was out front, not dressed in his usual Black Chef’s Costume, his appearance was quite different. The Display included Aloo Gosht, just what was required. I asked the Young Chap serving for two portions, a Chapatti and one portion of Vegetable Rice. Biryani was on display, but he looked puzzled by my request. Chef Habib nodded, all was well.

No Capsicum – was my caveat.

We were warned that the floor in the seating area was wet, the smell from the cleaning liquid was quite pungent. I feared this may affect the taste-buds.

As is the custom at Lasani Grill, an Impressive Salad was issued before the Main Event. Mother took the Greens, I concentrated on the Pickled Chillies and the Black Olives. The accompanying Raita stayed on my side of the table.

Are you still The Chef? I asked Chef Habib as he brought the Curry. There was no sign of Khalid or Saeed, one was on holiday. Today was very much Chef Habib’s show.

The Aloo Gosht was presented in a single Large Karahi, perfect for sharing, it meant a Mother Portion and a Hector Portion could be served with ease. The Vegetable Rice was more than enough for two, Mother can only eat a small amount of Rice. With Carrots, Peas, Onion, Potatoes and Capsicum (!), the Vegetable Rice was a meal in itself. Indeed, Mother was getting stuck into the Rice whilst I completed the photos. The Capsicum was easily removed, thankfully.

The Chapatti was ordered as insurance, it was hardly needed, but as ever proved useful to dip into the blended Shorva-Masala. The Spice level and Seasoning seemed to be Moderate at the start, however, the Spice hit home as we ate. We had Curry.

Ten Large Pieces of Tender Lamb, the majority on-the-bone, were accompanied by a similar count of Potato, we had a lot of Curry before us.

The Dining Area started to fill up. Such is the cosmopolitan nature of Govanhill, we were joined by Chaps of varying nationalities. We had a veritable League of Nations present today. I have never seen Lasani Grill so busy, the Takeaway business was in full swing also.

Mother tackled the Lamb with her knife and fork. I told her this was why we had the Chapatti as I lifted a Mass of Meat to my my mouth. This may well be the first Curry that Mother has experienced with such a pronounced bone content. I wondered if she would cope, it was not a problem she assured me. Karahi Palace here we come!

The Flavour was familiar, Chef Habib was once of Yadgar on the parallel street. Cinnamon-rich Yadgar – was the overall Taste Experience, one cannot praise higher than that.

I’ve had better – was Mother’s critical comment. It’s alright.

Mother is becoming fussy, today was her treat, she can be as critical as she likes.

Perhaps it is time to take her back to Yadgar?

The Bill

£18.45. No itemisation was possible today.

The Aftermath

Khalid was now on the premises, we shook hands. Lasani Grill is still worth the visit, though the Karahi Dishes are best ordered in advance..

Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited with Classic Hackett

The line up this evening at the – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall – was Steve Hackett of course on guitars, accompanied by Roger King (vocals, keyboards), Gary O’Toole (vocals, drums/percussion), Rob Townsend (vocals, saxes, flutes, percussion), Nick Beggs (vocals, bass, twelve string). Nick Beggs, whom I have seen playing with Steven Wilson in the past year, was resplendent in his – kilt. It is Nick who we have to thank for the revitalisation of Steve Hackett according to his own website. For years Steve Hackett would come to Glasgow and play the smaller venues such as – The Ferry. It was Nick who put the idea for Genesis Revisited II and touring with a guest vocalist to perform the classic Genesis songs. Steve may able to sing his own material, he could never handle the Gabriel/Collins vocal parts.

The Genesis material aside, my music collection has three Steve Hackett albums out of a possible thirty something. Last time, Wolflight was the featured album, this evening it was the recently released – The Night Siren – which features strong Middle Eastern sounds a la Kashmir: – In the Skeleton Gallery – and – Behind the Smoke – were both played and strangely, nothing from Wolflight. A friend saw this Tour in Manchester recently, I asked if Shadow of The Hierophant was performed, apparently not. Tonight the first act ended with the instrumental sequence, of this should have been a Genesis song, building to its crescendo; an excellent link to what would follow in Act II. As ever, Steve sat down to play acoustic guitar, Nick sat on the floor to play the Bass Pedals for Shadow of The Hierophant. Yes, I love this track and also have a continuing fascination with Bass. The Set-list as posted elsewhere:

Act I – Steve Hackett solo material

Every Day (Spectral Mornings)

El Nino (The Night Siren)

The Steppes (Defector)

In the Skeleton Gallery (The Night Siren)

Behind The Smoke (The Night Siren)

Serpentine Song (To Watch The Storms)

Rise again (Darktown)

Shadow of the Hierophant (Voyage of The Acolyte)

Nad Sylvan came on stage in Act II to provide the Gabriel/Collins vocals, though Gary O’Toole handled the vocals for – Blood on the Rooftops – on his own from behind the drum-kit, very Phil Collins. How can a man play an entire set in a suit, collar and tie?  Firth of Fifth gave the spotlight to Roger King until the latter part where Steve’s guitar soared. Rob Townsend is a man of many instruments. A key feature of the Genesis material is that his Soprano Sax played the parts which would have been Moog back in the day.

Being in possession of most of the Genesis albums, it was surprising to hear – Inside and Out -, a track from – Spot The Pigeon – an EP I had never heard of. We were spared Match of the Day, it isn’t, is it? No – Supper’s Ready – this evening, this made way for five tracks from – Wind & Wuthering – which is forty years old this year; the last Genesis studio album to feature Steve Hackett.

There was a change of Gibson Les Paul early in the set, the guitar which we were told once belonged to – Gary Moore – went out of tune. Unlike three years ago when the set was all Genesis songs, the Concert Hall was not a sell-out tonight, the rear-upper seats were empty. Maybe Nick Beggs knows how to fill a venue?

Act II Genesis

Eleventh Earl of Mar (Wind & Wuthering)

One for the Vine (Wind & Wuthering)

Blood on the Rooftops (Wind & Wuthering)

In That Quiet Earth (Wind & Wuthering)

Afterglow (Wind & Wuthering)

Dance on a Volcano (Trick of the Tail)

Inside and Out (Spot The Pigeon)

Firth of Fifth (Selling England by the Pound)

The Musical Box (Nursery Crime)

Slogans (Defector)

Los Endos (Trick of the Tail)


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