Queensbury (Bradford) – Sarina’s – As Good As It Gets

Long story short, Hector made a rendezvous with Marg at Lancaster Station, we then followed Google’s optimum route to Queensbury, never again. Today’s eventual destination was Huddersfield, the locus of Howard’s Birthday Bash #2. From the outset, today’s plan would include another Curry in Huddersfield. Kabana later, meanwhile at Sarina’s (25 High St., Queensbury, Bradford BD13 2PE) her very special Mutton Handi (£7.50) on-the-bone awaited. One has to pre-order what could well be the Finest Curry served in the Bradford area.

Sarina and Lorraine gave their usual warm greeting, what would happen if all staff in every Curry House adopted the habit of greeting their customers with a hug?

Knowing that there would be Curry-Heute #2, Marg decided to choose from the – Snacks – Menu (£2.85). Samosas are her standard, Lorraine suggested the Salt Fish Fritters, Marg decided to have both!

Lorraine took the Order, Medium with a Kick was agreed upon. With the Handi sorted, it was simply a matter of the Hector asking for Rice (£1.80) for a change. Lorraine and Marg did what women do whilst we waited, Hector was able to interject the occasional verbal motif on occasion. We were here for – The Curry.

In the tradition of German dining, the Snacks arrived first and so Marg started eating. The Salt Fish Fritters resembled Shami Kebabs, I was keen to try them. Sarina popped her head out from the kitchen to mention that the concept is part Caribbean. Jamaica meets India. Very tasty, Marg was quick as ever to comment on the Spice Level. Still, she finds all such related food to be – Spicy.

The Samosas were of the Vegetable classification, decidedly on the small side, just as well there was two. Again, Marg enjoyed the Freshness of these. The accompanying Dips were put to good use, Mint for the Fish, the more Earthy – Tomato-based? – one for the Samosas.

Mutton Handi on-the-bone

In my texted order, I had requested a Large Portion, no point driving this far for Tapas. This Sarina had confirmed. What could be better then Sarina’s Mutton Handi? Twice as much! Today is the day – Curry-Heute! The Rice Portion arrived in the same size of bowl, a sensible quantity. Work that one out.

The Large pieces of Mutton on-the-bone were arranged on top of the Basmati, the Masala was then spread over the Meat. The Masala, what on Earth? Dark, Very Dark, Thick, Mysterious, the Oil already separating. What is in here that makes it so Special?

The Seasoning was absolutely Perfect, this takes great judgement and awareness of how to bring out the other Flavours. Methi was there, Magnificent. With a Sufficiency of Chopped Green Chillies, the Spice Level was as asked for, no need to go mad and ruin the Curry. How does one cook Mutton to this – Level of Tenderness – and maintain the integrity, too easy to let it go to pulp. I believe the secret is down to the fact that this was prepared yesterday, a Bespoke Curry, not simply an extract from the everyday mass produced – Curry Pot – which prevails across the Land.

I had two challenges, eat every morsel, do not dribble Masala on my t shirt. Tick both boxes. Well worth the detour.  Detour? The rest of the week is the detour.

The Bill

£16.50. I could do the sums and work out the cost of my Large Portion, that would spoil the moment.

The Aftermath

I had to be bold and ask Sarina what Herbs were in the Masala. I suspected a touch of Spinach as well as Methi, the reply was more detailed than expected:

Cinnamon, Cloves, Bayleaf, Fenugreek.

I don’t think she listed Cumin or Cardamom. Perhaps this proves the Significance of Methi?

More Hugs, the Farewell, October is our next planned visit. Carnoustie beware!

Huddersfield is an easy drive from Queensbury. How many Curry Houses did we pass? Too many, the knowledge that I shall probably never visit them frustrates, I could spend a week down here just to eat Curry.

Time to sing – Happy Birthday – to Howard.

Kabana (Huddersfield) tonight.

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