Glasgow – Karahi Palace – Sunshine on Nelson Street

It is an unbelievable two months and two days since Hector last enjoyed the Magnificent Curry that is served at Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ). I have been abroad, I have been to Yorkshire, and up North too, some Outstanding Curry has been enjoyed: Pak Taka Tak – in Athens, – Sarina’s – in Yorkshire, Lahore Karahi – in Aberdoom.

Home for just a few days, today was the monthly visit to Staggs/Volunteer arms in Musselburgh (I missed last month). Around 16.00, Mags suggested Karahi Palace, she has not had her Favouritest (sic) Aloo Gosht for some time either, though 7 Spices Balti (Sheffield) impressed. Mags knows – The Rule.

At 20.30 we were back from the far east, the Sun was shining on the front of Karahi Palace. For most of the year the building is in the shade, with the Sun currently so far north, the moment was captured.

Two Chaps were just finishing, another was sat waiting for his Takeaway. Qaiser was sitting on a box waiting to serve, or deliver. He took the three steps necessary to serve us.

It is two months and two days since I was last here.

Qaiser – I have been following you, Greece, all over.

Karahi Gosht – with Extra Methi (£7.90), one Chapatti (£0.70).

Yes that is a – ZERO – before the 70p, we’re not in Aberdoom now.

Aloo Gosht (£6.50). Mags did not ask for a Chapatti, one assumed. One is enough.

Who knows what was on the TV, something was happening that was important, somewhere in the north-west of the Indian Subcontinent. The Spanish Doris brought the Modest Salad. With Raita I might have nibbled, no Raita. Mags nibbled. Sitting with my back to the counter I had not spotted Chef Rashid until moments before serving. We were in for a – real treat. Rashid serves some of – the Best Curry – on the planet. I kid you not.

Aloo Gosht

The Aloo Gosht arrived first and was placed in front of me. For once I did not have to stretch across the table to photograph it. The Masala looked Thin/Oily, however, as Mags ate on so the same Thick Masala as I have come to enjoy in my Karahi was exposed. This was a mass of Curry.

The Lamb was on-the-bone as all Lamb Curry is served at Karahi Palace.

Sucky bone! – exclaimed Mags as she started.

So much better than Sheffield, only the place next door to the Rat and Ratchet (Lahori Taste – Huddersfield) comes close.

Bloody marvellous, still the best!

I believe she enjoyed her Aloo Gosht.

Karahi Gosht

Served – Ultra Hot – there is always plenty of time to take photos before one can even think about commencing. For a brief moment I thought …. I decanted a piece of long green Vegetable to the plate, sliced Green Chilli, no problem. They wouldn’t. There were a lot of Green Chillies below the copious Ginger Strips and Fresh Coriander. I could see a Lamb Chop, Ribs, Boneless Lamb too, I had everything. This was a worthy – welcome home.

The Oil was separating from the Masala Mash as it does. The first dip of the Chapatti was into the Oil – Flavour #1. The Chapattis had been halved. When did they start this?

The Masala Mash was next, rich in Tomato, so well Seasoned, the Kick, the Chillies waiting to add more. Magical Flavours, then the Methi, subtle.

Flavour #2 ….#n.

Hector’s tongue and lips tingled. Every piece of Meat was savoured, the bones assembled on the dinner plate. There was quite a pile in the end, Lamb on-the-bone cannot be beaten.

We counted out our Cash, knowing the prices well, Ayaz asked for more than anticipated.

The Bill

£15.80 The prices have gone up. The anomaly of the Karahi Gosht being cheaper than the Aloo Gosht has also been addressed. Those quoted above are the new ones. Still great value.

The Aftermath

Qaiser: I’ll see you next week then.

Hector: It will not be another two months and two days.

At Bridge St. Subway Station, the Full Moon was shining bright. I have not seen the Moon for ages, I have not seen anything but clouds since Greece… Check the craters, bottom left.

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