Pork Vindaloo – Hector’s Recipe with a few Tweaks

Contrary to what some think, Marg is not fed Curry every night. It is eight months since Hector cooked Curry at home, the Hector interpretation of Pork Vindaloo went down a treat, so much so that I hardly had any. This evening this was redressed.

My own Recipe was consulted to jog the memory. Cumin Seeds were omitted and a piece of Star Anise introduced along with a tablespoon of Tamarind Sauce and two tablespoons of Yoghurt. Smoked Paprika and recently acquired Dried and Smoked Red Chillies would hopefully attain the South Indian Flavour that a Vindaloo technically should have.

The Onions were cooked oh so slowly to set up the perfect Masala Mash. I eventually discovered that the hand blender is not suitable in a Wok, tall pot next time.  Button Mushrooms were added near the end along with Fresh Coriander and cooked in.  More Fresh Coriander was added at the table.

If one has never tasted a Hector Curry then order Lamb Desi Karahi at Charcoals Indian Restaurant (Glasgow), they are remarkably similar.

Sweetness was my major worry having cooked a Curry without Methi. Marg immediately declared this Pork Vindaloo to be – Bitter. Success. Two Smoked Chillies did not create the intended result, more next time. Sainsbury’s Red Wine Vinegar did not add the Richness of Flavour as that bought at KRK (Glasgow).  The Spice Level was never commented upon by Marg proving Vindaloo need not be – Silly.  The Masala attained the Thickenss I seek in my own cooking and in Restaurants. The Seasoning of course was – Spot on.

Having trimmed much of the – Fat – from the Pork Cutlets, Marg was not happy to find any, she did.  The Potatoes were Perfect!

Not a bad Curry, though it was way better last time. If you are tempted to try this, follow the Recipe.

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