Glasgow – Sheerin Palace – Mother Approves!

One day Hector and Mother will sit down together to savour Kofta Anda. Today is not that day. Having promised Mother – something different – we arrived at Sheerin Palace (300 Allison St, Govanhill/Crosshill, Glasgow, G42 8HQ) after our Lidl Shop. This was Mother’s first visit here, there was no Kofta Anda.

Mein Host was behind the counter only too briefly, he was in the middle of taking food through to the two Diners already in situ. I parked Mother at the table behind them so that she could benefit most from the portable gas heater between the tables and went up to order.

Two portions of Aloo Gosht, one Rice and one Chapatti – were ordered. The price is only ever established at the time of paying.

Sheerin Palace is very much a Glasgow Curry Cafe, one comes here for the Excellent Punjabi Cuisine, not the ambience. I was therefore surprised when Mother commented on the – colourful pictures – on the wall. Mein Host brought a Modest Salad with Raita and two dinner plates. Mother touched one of the plates, both were sent back, too cold. Mother likes hot plates.

A Steaming Hot plate of Chicken Biryani was placed on the table along with a large Chapatti. Two bowls of Aloo Gosht arrived soon after, all was set. I dished out a Mother Portion of Rice for Mother leaving still more than I required. We had a Chicken Thigh each served on-the-bone. As I did two weeks ago when here with Clive, I divvied up the Salad also then left Mother to choose how much Curry she desired on her plate at any time.

This is lovely – announced Mother from the off. She had said she was hungry and was about to prove it.

I’m going to bring Mary here – was her follow up. Two Glasgow Grannies out for Curry in Allison Street, that would be a sight worth seeing.

I decanted the Tender Lamb and covered the Rice leaving some of the accompanying Shorva in the bowl. Today I would dip the Chapatti into the Shorva rather than let it all become totally absorbed by the Rice. There was enough Shorva to moisten the Rice and fulfil my objective. Today I would be able to differentiate between the Flavour from the worthy Biryani and the Curry.  A subsequent Diner ordered a plate of straight Chicken Biryani and was happy to sit with this.  Cinnamon Bark and Black Peppercorns featured in the Shorva, simple, effective.

The Lamb reached double figures with a Sucky Bone and a Knuckle being the principal bone components. The two large pieces of Potato each could be cut as and when to provide Diversity.

The Spice Level was Moderate, this would have been a Bog Standard Curry had it not been for the Seasoning. The experience was made – Special – because of the Seasoning giving the Shorva the distinctive Flavour that is attained at Sheerin Palace.

The Bill

£14.00. We had quite an array of food on the table for this modest price.

The Aftermath

Mother was keen to tell Mein Host that she will be back with her friend.

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2 Responses to Glasgow – Sheerin Palace – Mother Approves!

  1. ed carolan says:

    Another Million, Well done, are the hits racking up faster than they used to?
    If you ask the blokes in the Sheerin they will give you their card and if you phone up they will tell you what they are cooking that day. I know it is quaint that they cook what they want when they want. I think the food is the better for that and ye canny whack the price.
    Merry Christmas Hector et al

    Hector replies:

    Your message came through just as we were about to embark on – The Fish – starter at Yadgar, well timed, and thank you. I deduce that the more I write the more search engines will find the site.

    Maybe I need Sheerin Palace to contact me when they cook Kofta Anda or Quail?

    I am told that Mia Sugar & Spice is no more, they tried their best to keep the spirit of Cafe Salma alive.

    Seasons greetings to all if I do not bump into you during the Festive Period, not that I’ll be around here much.

  2. Doug says:

    Great value for money and the food looks the part. Cold plates – I am with Mother all the way. One of my pet hates in any restaurant. Merry Christmas to Hector, family and friends and all curry correspondents across the globe. Murty for me !!.

    Hector replies:

    If only the Kofta Anda was always available, and don’t start me on Quail/Battai which I first experienced here.

    As for Murty, it has been a good week.

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