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Peterborough – Desi Restaurant – More Authentic Curry in Peterborough

Hector is spending three nights in Peterborough. This afternoon saw open doors at the Oakham Brewery where some fine hospitality was enjoyed. Thereafter, half of The Company went to t’Travelodge and stayed in, Dr. Stan and Mags went Oriental, this … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Yadgar Kebab House – Blog #96 @ Yadgar

Lord Clive of Crawley has been appearing in this Blog regularly of late, it was therefore fitting that he chose today’s venue. I haven’t been to Yadgar recently – he announced on Friday night. Shkoor, Mein Host at Yadgar Kebab … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Babu Bombay Street Kitchen – It’s a Wrap!

The Main Event would be held this afternoon in Paisley, a Barrel Party, Curry-Heute was planned for afterwards. With Lord Clive of Crawley in tow, I headed late morning for suitable Bunkers, a Snack; we were just too late for … Continue reading

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Crawley – The Downsman Indian Restaurant – an Afternoon of Sheer Indulgence

The Downsman Indian Restaurant (Wakehurst Drive, Southgate, Crawley, RH10 6DH) is how the Menu now describes these premises. Curry Club – no more. Still, it remains a Pub which serves Curry, a feature that is becoming less of a phenomenon … Continue reading

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London – Whitechapel – Tayyabs – Serving Punjabi Cuisine since 1972

It remains a mystery as to why one can travel by train from Crawley to the Capital and have the freedom of all transport within London for just over £10.00, whereas in Central Scotland…forget it. Before meeting up with Clive … Continue reading

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Crawley – Fat Boy’s Joint Afghan Canteen – A Game of Two Halves

Third night of five in Crawley and the first Curry-Heute It was a close run thing, even Hector suggested Nando’s just to convince Clive and Maggie that they did not have to have Curry on their ninth wedding anniversary. Fat … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Karahi Palace – Sunshine on Nelson Street

It is an unbelievable two months and two days since Hector last enjoyed the Magnificent Curry that is served at Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ). I have been abroad, I have been to Yorkshire, and … Continue reading

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Aberdeen – Ambal’s Restaurant – Hector does Buffet + Chicken Curry !

It was Marg who suggested we have a Lunchtime Curry. Hector only needed half an excuse to return to Ambal’s Restaurant (4 Bridge St., Aberdeen, AB11 6JJ). On Monday evening of this very week, Mein Host told us of the … Continue reading

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Aberdeen – Wild Ginger – Some you win, Some you lose

Hector was made aware earlier in the year of a new Curry House in Aberdeen that would have to be visited. Stories of meals being cooked at the table and a connection with the excellent Echt Tandoori sparked an interest. … Continue reading

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Aberdeen – Lahore Karahi – Punjabi Cuisine at its Finest

Curry three nights in a row was not – The Plan – but sometimes one just has to get on with it. A rendezvous was made with Graeme at Lahore Karahi (145 King St, Aberdeen, AB24 5AE) for 18.30. At … Continue reading

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