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Köln – Royal Punjab – Four Weeks Later

Dr. Stan announced last night that he had not booked Breakfast so that he could join me for Curry-Heute. Steve was not sure if he would want Curry again, why does he persist in kidding himself? The three of us … Continue reading

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Köln – Indisher Curry Hut – Spinach & Cream

Why all the travelling? – asked Curryspondent Raymond a couple of weeks back. It’s in the blood, and because I can. For the last decade, possibly longer, Hector has been making timeous visits to the Weinachtsmarkt in Köln. Being able … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Yadgar Kebab House – Another Landmark Curry

For the second week running, Jim’s day off meant Curry-Heute, Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) was the chosen venue. Shkoor (Mein Host) was contacted with the request – to feed five. Dr. Stan and Alan … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Sheerin Palace – Mother Approves!

One day Hector and Mother will sit down together to savour Kofta Anda. Today is not that day. Having promised Mother – something different – we arrived at Sheerin Palace (300 Allison St, Govanhill/Crosshill, Glasgow, G42 8HQ) after our Lidl … Continue reading

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Aberdeen – Lahori Karahi – Best Curry in Aberdeen?

The – Silly Season – has commenced, this evening Hector is at Lahore Karahi (145 King St, Aberdeen, AB24 5AE) in the company of Graeme and Euan. After Thursday’s Meatfest at Karahi Palace (Glasgow), Vegetables were at the forefront of … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Karahi Palace – Traditional Scottish Fayre on St. Andrew’s Day

At Noon today, Hector was informed that Jonathan and Jim were heading to Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) for Lunch. Why not? Hector walked in to Karahi Palace punctually for the 14.00 rendezvous, The Chaps … Continue reading

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Pork Vindaloo – Hector’s Recipe with a few Tweaks

Contrary to what some think, Marg is not fed Curry every night. It is eight months since Hector cooked Curry at home, the Hector interpretation of Pork Vindaloo went down a treat, so much so that I hardly had any. … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Karahi Palace – Something Different for Hector

Hector is back at Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) four days after an afternoon of indulgence. Dr. Robin requested a midweek Curry outing, he chose the venue. Hector would hardly criticise his choice, so it … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Charcoals Indian Restaurant – A Fishy Tale from The Monday Club

With Clive’s flight back to Gatwick mid afternoon, there was time for Curry-Heute in the City Centre. Charcoals (26A Renfield St, Glasgow, G2 1LU) is just around the corner from the St. Vincent St. bus stop for the 500 to … Continue reading

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Glasgow – Sheerin Palace – A Day to Remember Robin

This would be a two Curry Day. Yvonne had Aloo Keema Mutter waiting for us to be served at a mutually agreeable time. Having followed Hector’s Recipe, what could possibly go wrong? She did add extra Green Chillies then worried … Continue reading

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