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8 Responses to Contact Hector

  1. Hector says:

    Hi Hector I did love your blog and totally admire the fact you have had 4 million hits. However sir it has become boring and predictable lambs chops lamb methi/achari dry with salt and oil. Normally at Yadgar (brave man going to Govanhill) or New Karahi palace. Can you help us curryspondents and try writing about something different. Derek

    Hector replies:

    Welcome to Curry-Heute, Derek. Lamb Chops et al? I have to order the best thing I find on any menu, with the exception of my favourite Munich Curry House, Lamb is my #1 preference. If you think walking along Calder St/Alison St is brave, then try Geraniou in Athens, this can be most intimidating, but as ever, I have learned there is nothing to fear. The rewards are worth it. As for salt, oil… I have my book of words, I am not Jilly Goolden, to describe flavours is difficult. I also have to maintain some sense of consistency, the presumption is that each Blog entry has to stand alone, it could be the first, and only review anyone reads. The Village have accepted The Fish Chettinad Challenge, the outcome is imminent. When I dine in company, usually somebody orders the dreaded Chicken, the day I order a Chicken Pasanda is the day I have scunnered myself with Lamb. You will know I always seek an Interesting Vegetable. India beckons soon, it will be different. Thanks for taking the time to communicate.

  2. martin taylor says:

    Hi Hector

    Thanks for maintaining a great site. I found it when looking for some up-to-date views on Bradford (harder than you’d think) ahead of a couple of weekends there. As I think you found, the International and Kashmir were both tasty and authentic versions of the Bradford curry cafe, and the service in the Int’l was tremendous.

    Particularly wanted to agree with your assessment of Norwich pubs from last year – great pubs, bland beer; not a view often expressed.

    Keep it up.

  3. Archie says:

    Hi Hector I am enjoying reading about your curry adventures, I too am a curry-holic.

    I used to frequent the Village in Tradeston when it first opened many years ago and although I don’t think it is as good as it used to be it is still my benchmark for a curry. I contact you to draw your attention to another couple of decent curry houses.

    If you are ever out near Newmains (near Lanark) at lunchtime you might want to try The Pink Turban located in a small village called Waterloo. The restaurant is not Halal as far as I am aware but the food is good and you will be able to tell that by how busy it is. It is a buffet style lunch, and although I am usually opposed to such arrangements, because it is extremely busy the food is fresh and hot. Also it is open for lunch from 12- 1500 hours…busiest between 12 – 1330 hours and only around £7.00 per head.

    I read with interest your comments on Kebabish, however, just 100 yards up the road at the top of Victoria Road (next to entrance to Queens Park) there is a small family run restaurant called The Anarkali. No alcohol but food is decent and cheap.

    Around the corner from Kebabish in Allison Street at number 202 (Glasgow Sweet Centre) you will find fantastic Keema Samosa’s for only 90 pence, they are exceptional value and extremely tasty.

    Another place I go sometimes and can’t make my mind up whether it is good or great is Kabana on Seaward Street near Pacific Quay. The restaurant caters mainly for Asian parties/weddings etc but I quite often pay a visit for the buffet as it is quiet at around 1700 – 1800 hours, I think it gets busier later on. The food is different to any other restaurant I have been in but I think it is probably quite authentic to Pakistan.

    Finally if you are ever down in Newcastle, there is a place nearby called Whitley Bay where there is a restaurant called The Himalaya which is fantastic and has (in my opinion) what you refer to as “the taste”. They do a dish called Phall which I take it you have tried before, it is delicious.

    Incidentally the only place I have ever seen Phall on the menu in Scotland is a place called Shaheds on Fenwick Road Giffnock across from Kwik Fit tyre depot. That is my preferred carry out choice as they do a great lamb Desi carry out.

    Cheers Hector and enjoy “the taste”.


  4. Borat Sagidiyev says:

    I am very much curry liking. My Dad cook my mother and she tasted good good with tasty sauce. Cook me nice curry and I pay! Yashibas Hector.

  5. Carole says:

    Hi Hector,

    I organise a Glasgow based dining club for lovers of spicy food & came across your very informative & useful blog after googling Afghan restaurant Glasgow. There’s one close to where I live but I wanted to check out reviews, considering using it for an event.
    Have told the Some Like It Hot members about your blog & bookmarked it for future reference.
    Please feel free to check out some Like It Hot!

  6. Hector says:


    It is a long way from Kazakhstan to Helensburgh.
    What have you done with all the animals.

    For a Vegetarian Curry, simply follow my Beginner’s Curry recipe and put in more Vegetables to make up for the lack of Chicken. Maybe in 2011 I shall show you how…

    No Chickens in Kazakhstan, did Ivan sell them all?


  7. Murat says:


    I am murat, i like very much the curry but in kazakhstan we cannot afford the meat, i wanted to ask how i make good curry without very much the meat. My dad get very much the happy with curry and i like.



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