Hector’s Curry Recipes

Devilled Beef Curry-Heute (7)Aloo Taare Ko (Dry Fried Potatoes)

Vegetable Pakora

Seekh Kebab

Aloo Chicken – A Beginner’s Curry

Beef Balti

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Korma  (also Bengali)

Chicken / Lamb Bhuna

Chicken Patia

Curried Eggs (or with Pork Chops)

Fish ‘Machi’ Masala

Keema Mutter (Mince and Peas)

Lamb Desi Korma

Palak Gosht

Hector’s Lamb Curry for Eight

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Lamb Chops Karahi

Lamb Karahi (using pressure cooker)

Pork Vindaloo

Devilled Beef

1 Response to Hector’s Curry Recipes

  1. Martin campbell says:

    Made bhoona..with mutton, lovely. I upped the garlic and chilli a tad, but may reduce methi and coriander by a third nxt time.personal taste, great recipe.
    Looking at lamb desi korma…300ml veg oil??!!!

    Hector replies:

    Welcome to Curry-Heute, Martin.

    When I did my Curry Course many years ago, nobody could believe the quantity of oil that was used. Add at your discretion…

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