Chicken Patia


Chicken            I kg boneless (Halal, chicken fillets are best)
Onions            3 medium
Vegetable oil        0.25l
Garlic            6 cloves
Ginger            2 inch cube

Salt            1 tablespoon
Chilli powder        1.5 teaspoons
Turmeric        1 teaspoon
Tinned tomatoes            1 tin
Black cardamoms            4
Cinnamon        4 pieces
Cumin    seeds        1 teaspoon
Tomato puree        1 tablespoon

Green chillies        4
Water             0.5l
Fresh coriander        0.5 bunch

Tomato ketchup            200 grams
Mango chutney        200 grams
Lemon juice        100ml


1)    Chop the onions into small pieces and add to the saucepan with the heated oil.
2)    Chop the ginger and garlic finely and add to the  onion.
3)    Cook the mix on a reasonably high heat until the onions turn slightly brown.  If it sticks add water, then turn down the heat.
4)    Add the salt, chilli powder, turmeric, salt, tomatoes, cardamoms, cinnamon, cumin and tomato puree.
5)    Cook until the mixture is fully mashed, add water if necessary to maintain moisture.  Cook for at least 25 minutes.
6)    Cube the chicken and add, cook on low heat for 25 minutes.  Covering the pot is recommended, stir every few minutes..
7)    Chop the green chillies and add to the mix.
8)    Add the chopped coriander.
9)    Blend the mango chutney, tomato ketchup and lemon juice.
10)    Add to the mix and serve after five minutes.