Devilled Beef


Devilled Beef Curry-Heute (2)2 tbsp Vegetable Oil

Devilled Beef Curry-Heute (3)500g Stewing Steak (If no pressure cooker, use Frying Steak)

I Large Onion, chopped

1 tsp Cayenne/Parika

Water to cover

1 tsp Curry Leaves

I tbsp English Mustard

4 Tomatoes

2 tsp Salt

Bottled Chilli Sauce


Devilled Beef Curry-Heute (1)This assumes a pressure cooker, if using Stewing Steak without then up to an hour may be required to make the meat tender.

1) Chop the Stewing Steak into cube sized pieces.

2) Heat the Oil in the pressure cooker, add the cubed Stewing Steak and brown.

Devilled BeefCurry-Heute (4a)3) Add the Cayenne/Paprika, stir in.

4) Add water, sufficient to cover Meat.

5) Bring to pressure, cook under pressure for fifteen minutes.

6) Remove lid for remainder of cooking, add Onion, Curry Leaves, Mustard and Salt, on a low heat keep cooking to create Mash and boil off excess liquid.

Devilled Beef Curry-Heute (6)7) Once reduced, add the Tomatoes and Chilli Sauce (to taste).

8) After ten minutes tomatoes should be cooked, serve.



Ideally served with Aloo Taare Ko

Devilled Beef Curry-Heute (8)

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