Keema Mutter (Mince and Peas)


Mince                                    0.5kg  (Halal Lamb, normal Beef   mince does just as well)            

Onions                                   2 medium, or 1 large
Vegetable oil                         0.2l
Ginger                                   1 inch cube
Garlic                                     3 cloves
Chilli powder                        1.0 teaspoon +
Turmeric                              1.0 teaspoon
Cumin seeds                        1.0 teaspoon
Salt                                        2.0 teaspoon
Tinned tomatoes                 1
Black cardamoms                2
Cinnamon bark                    2  pieces
Tomato puree                      2  teaspoon
Green chillies                        1 +
Fresh coriander                   1/4 bunch
Peas (Frozen)                      1 cup

Methi (Frozen)                    2 pieces

Water                                    100 ml

Throughout : Keep the heat as low as possible, but sufficient to maintain the process of cooking (bubbling).  If the heat is too high everything will dry out or burn/stick to the pot.

1)    Chop the onions into very small pieces and add to the saucepan with the oil.
2)    Peel the ginger and grate it, chop the garlic finely, add to the onions.
3)    Add water if the mixture sticks or dries until the onions are softening to a mash.

4)      Add the chilli powder, turmeric, salt, tomatoes, cardamoms, cinnamon, cumin and tomato puree.
5)    Add the Mince to the Masala, stir in and cook for twenty minutes.
6)    Chop the green chillies and the coriander and add to the Masala with the Methi and the Peas!
7)    After ten to fifteen minutes the Curry is ready, if you have the time simmer for longer on a low heat
8)      Serve with Rice.

1 Response to Keema Mutter (Mince and Peas)

  1. Raymond Pearson says:

    Made it with mince lamb last night, excellent, even better today with some extra chilli. You forgot to put the peas in. Love the blog but why all the travelling.

    Hector replies:

    Welcome to Curry-Heute, Raymond.

    The Peas are now – ‘in’ , thanks.
    At the same time/place, try adding some pre-boiled potatoes and go the whole way.

    The Travelling?

    It’s in the blood, because I can….
    The search for the perfect Curry and/or Bier.

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