Vegetable Pakora

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (16)Ingredients

Onions                               2 medium
Potatoes                             3 medium

Gram Flour                        0.25kg
Salt                                    2 teaspoons
Garam Masala                   1 teaspoon
Chilli Powder                    2 teaspoons
Turmeric                           1 teaspoon
Coriander seeds                1 teaspoon
Cumin (ground)                2 teaspoons
Cumin Seeds                     1 teaspoon

Fresh Green Chillies          3

Water, as required

Fresh Coriander            0.5 Bunch

Vegetable Oil                 enough to deep fry

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (1)Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (2)
Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (6)Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (7)1)

Put the Gram Flour in a bowl and add the salt, garam masala, chilli powder, turmeric, cumin, and the chopped green chillies. Then add the coriander seeds and the cumin seeds, mix the dry ingredients thoroughly.

2) Add water to the mixture a little a a time, mix thoroughly to create a batter. (Using your hands is easier than using a spoon.)

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (4)Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (5)

3) Add the finely diced potatoes and onions to the mixture, then the chopped coriander.
Add more Gram Flour to maintain the consistency of the mix whilst waiting to cook.

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (8)

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (10)

4) Heat the vegetable oil to 350°C: test by dipping some of the mixture.

5) Form the Mixture into balls, lower the balls into the oil: cook the Pakora, five minutes should do, it depends on how small you have cut the onions and potatoes, the smaller the better.

Pakora Sauce 1

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (11)Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (13)

Mix the following ingredients in a bowl.

Yoghurt                         0.5l (Indian Natural Yoghurt is best)
Salt                                0.25 teaspoon
Chilli                             0.25 teaspoon
Mint Sauce                    0.5 teaspoon
Ground Cumin              0.25 teaspoon

Pakora Sauce 2

Add the following into a blender, then blend for two minutes.

Green Pepper (Capsicum) 1
Onion                                    1 small
Tomato                                  2
Tomato Ketchup                   2 tablespoons
Mint Sauce                           1 tablespoon
Chilli                                     0.5 teaspoon
Fresh Green Chillies             4
Lemon Juice                         100ml

Pakora Recipe Curry-Heute (20)

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