Glasgow Curry Week – November 14 – 20

2016  –  The First Glasgow Curry Week

glasgow-curry-weekThe main thrust is that during this week participating restaurants will allow kids to eat free from the kids’ menu. The idea is to encourage families to go for a curry at what is normally a very quiet time.

Masala Monday

November 14 — The Lord Provost will visit the kitchen of a Glasgow restaurant (currently Koolba at 12.30) and cook a curry for a customer (with the help of the head chef). The LP will then act as a waiter and take the meal to the customer and engage with him or her. This will present a great photo opportunity for traditional and social media.

Tikka Tuesday

Nov 15 — It is clear from our meetings with the restaurateurs that there is great disquiet within the industry. Of major concern is the difficulty of recruiting qualified staff, caused by current immigration policy. We would like to create a Curry Forum at which industry representatives can discuss their issues and perhaps agree on a concerted way forward in the hope of presenting grievances to the Government. The plan is to hold this meeting at 9.30-10 am in a city centre location. We feel this will generate media coverage. It’s looking like the Reguis offices in Buchanan St.

Wacky Wednesday

Nov 16 — This is a fun day. We will invite every restaurant to send a representative who will compete in the Pakora Spoon Race. Weather permitting we would like to hold this in Buchanan Street. The winner will receive a special trophy. Each entrant to provide his or her own pakora which will be of minimum size. We propose a 10-metre dash. Once again we would anticipate traditional and social media interest.

Tandoori Thursday

Nov 17 — We would like 5-6 chefs to visit Glasgow College, meet the catering/food students, chat about their experiences and then prepare a quick dish for them. We would expect this to generate plenty of social media coverage among the students.

Flyer Friday

Nov 18 — Oceanic Media will distribute flyers at Central and Queen Street Stations encouraging commuters to visit their local curry restaurant or takeaway this weekend. There will be a promotion code from Just Eat.

Selfie Saturday

Nov 19 —  Using social media and restaurant staff we will encourage diners to take a selfie with their curry and forward it to us. We will select the best picture and the winner will receive a free meal for two, which will be available from any of the participating restaurants. This will generate plenty of social media coverage 

Samosa Sunday

Nov 20 – The plan is to find the individual who can eat the highest number of samosas in 10 minutes. This contest will take place at lunch time, with the venue to be arranged but possibly Central Station because it is relatively quiet on Sundays. Again we anticipate plenty of social media coverage with traditional media interest a possibility.

Just Eat Glasgow Curry Story

Hector helps launch  – Glasgow Curry Week 2016

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