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Masala Zing Curry-Heute (22)Masala Zing Curry-Heute (1)

With three Curry-Heute recommended venues nearby, Manoj and Nasif have their work cut out. Along with The Chef, the three took over the ailing New Café Salma towards the end of 2014. 2015 sees the re-branding, the joyous days of Hassan at the original Café Salma are now laid to rest.  Masala Zing (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ) is located just west of the M8 at Charing Cross.
Masala Zing Curry-Heute (13)Serving both Mainstream Curry Dishes and an extensive Desi Section, the Menu is augmented by maintaining the Moroccan Dishes that Café Salma pioneered. There is surely something here for everyone.
Masala Zing Curry-Heute (17)Masala Zing Curry-Heute (21)

Masala Zing Curry-Heute (18)Masala Zing Glasgow Curry-Heute (6)

At street level one finds the main restaurant. The removal of the former upstairs kitchen has given a greater sense of space. Downstairs, where gentlemen may find the facilities, there is another dining room which can accommodate larger groups.

Desi Handi

Desi Handi

Update June 2015

Manoj and Nasif have moved on leaving Akhtar and Chef Assif.

The premises closed.

Update September 2015

Masal Zing reopens as Mia – Sugar and Spice


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