Mother India’s Cafe

Mother India’s Cafe (1355 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AD) is Glasgow’s first Tapas-style Curry House. The Cafe, Dining In (next door) and The Wee Curry Houses are offshoots of Mother India,  the first Restaurant in Glasgow to serve Desi-style Indian Cooking.  Whilst the latter revolutionised the Curry Eating Experience, it has fallen victim to its own success.  Queues even though one has booked, and disappointing Food has meant that Hector no longer visits the Mother India Restaurant.  I always recommend that people visit the smaller venues.

Butter Chicken

The Food for the Restaurant, Cafe and Wee Curry Houses is all prepared centrally, as admitted in a correspondence.  Mother India’s Cafe has never disappointed, it is also My Dear Lady’s Favourite Curry Source.

The reviews I have composed for Mother India’s Cafe mostly feature Marg ordering the Butter Chicken, and me ordering the Machi Masala.  Thereafter the Daily Specials may kick in, or its back to the tried and tested Lamb Dishes.  I think this is the best Fish Curry served in Scotland, Marg knows this is the best Butter Chicken served anywhere.


Only once have I been privileged to have the Kofta.  It was outstanding and therefore my frustration at never being able to repeat the experience will hopefully be noted.  This should be on the Menu as a Regular Dish.

If one orders more than two of the Tapas sized portions then The Bill will rise rapidly.  Usually two and a Bread/Rice accompaniment should suffice. The Tapas portions are about two thirds of a normal Main and priced accordingly.

Someone told me recently that one can now book a table at The Cafe.  This has yet to be verified.  It is normal to see people queuing at peak times and so one should choose carefully when one visits.  There are plenty of other Curry Outlets to choose from in the Kelvinhall area of Glasgow if the queue is excessive, but the Food in the immediate vicinity will not compete with this Venue.

Machi Masala

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