Omar’s Balti House – Bradford – England

Omar’s Balti House–  46 Great Horton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD7 1AL

When my first favourite Bradford Curry House became a Russian Vodka Bar around 1997, I was forced to relocate.  Kashmir and The International had already been sampled.  The Paneer Gosht at Omar’s  became my Bradford Curry of choice for a couple of years.

September 2007 was my first  Bradford Curry with Mr Holden who even let me choose the venue.  Still I bow to his local knowledge, however, the Curry here has always impressed.  Perhaps their famous Naan Bread Challenge has obscured the quality of the Curry.  One simply cannot finish their Naan.  Size is not everything.




I think we overdid the Naan order…

The 2017 Menu

2 Responses to Omar’s Balti House – Bradford – England

  1. Archie says:

    Aah! but how was the food?

    A word from Hector:

    He forgot to say, but look at the adjacent comment about Yadgar… maybe a wind up…

  2. Rocky says:

    Went on Sunday 12 th may 2013, with my wife and three children. Was told to sit where we wanted, I asked for a highchair for my 22 month old girl, upon arrival of the chair I asked the waiter to clean it!! It was absolutely filthy!! He then proceeded to wipe it with a tissue! Omg! On further inspection the footrest of the high chair was holding food debris probably 1 year old, the menus were grubby and overall the whole dining experience was totally forgettable!!!

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