The Village Curry House – Glasgow – Scotland

The Village remains one of the best Curry Houses in Glasgow!

The Restaurant  –  119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8BA

The Takeaway (same building) – 129 Nelson St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8DZ

Open  from Noon until around Eleven, every day..

The launch of the Curry-Heute Website in April 2010 coincided with the closure of what had been Hector’s virtual place of residence for some years.

This meant a move across the road.  I was assured the move would be short term.

Dining alone, the Downstairs Café with Takeaway became Home. I used to eat here about twice a week. I was in a Happy Place with truly Excellent Food and Staff who knew exactly what I was looking for. The Upstairs Restaurant  was very popular, especially with the Asian Community in Glasgow and Marg.   The Downstairs definitely needed upgrading and so Mr Baig, The Proprietor, made the Big Decision – acquire the Industrial Unit next door, renovate and expand.

The former Villagio directly across the street became the temporary home of the business.  Staff turnover seemed high, portions became smaller and the food variable.  I  never had a bad Curry, most remained outstanding.  However when it was not perfection then one had had to wonder.  Six months here became a year.  One year became two.  Thirty months after the relocation, the New Build finally opened on September 13, 2012.

The original doorway to the Downstairs has been retained.  This is now primarily the entrance to the Takeaway.

The renovated Kitchen remains in situ.    Around the corner on West St is the new Main Entrance to the Restaurant.

The Premises are truly Stunning!  Beyond all Recognition…

The Village Curry House can now sit around 200 people comfortably.  There are a few table cloths for The Dignitaries? The Curry Café atmosphere has been retained, and brought up to date. Areas can be sectioned off for functions.  The New Upstairs houses a Private Room whilst a benched Balcony overlooks the main seating area below.  As before, there is no Drinks License, one should be here to enjoy the Food.

The New Menu

Printed on one side of a Large Card, the New Menu is still not vast, however there is certainly more than enough to choose from. The Old Glasgow Favourites persist.  Some venues are One Trick Ponies, that has never been the case at The Village.  One can eat here regularly and choose from a varied selection.  Hector’s main source of concern in recent times has been the feeling of declining portion size.  I have written many times that I would be happy to pay more and avoid the feeling that more could have been provided.  Starters are something I rarely eat, I prefer the Full Bhuna.  Selling Curry by the Kilo is common in the Bradford Curry Houses and  Glasgow’s Yadgar, perhaps The Village’s main Southside Rival.  The original Upstairs Restaurant used to sell Curry-by-the-Kilo, this has finally been restored.

 The Village Signature Dishes

The Lamb Lahori Kirahi, the Peshawari Chops and the Chicken Punjabi Kirahi are now available by the Portion, the Half-Kilo and the Kilo.  If one asks, the Lamb Desi Kourma and the Lamb Tawa can also be served with these choices.

One of Hector’s favourite dishes at The Village has been the Laal Lahori.  This has disappeared with the New Menu, but remains available on request. Two new Fish Dishes have appeared – Machli Taree (Haddock) and Shikarpuri Muchli (Cod), one day soon…

For those who eat Chicken there is a sufficiency of choice.

Just Across The Clyde

The Village Curry House is in Tradeston just across the River Clyde on the South Side.  Tradeston at the present time is as run down as Sheffield’s Kelham Island was ten years ago.  Kelham Island is now completely transformed.  Tradeston will come back.  In a few years Tradeston will inevitably be a much livelier location.

There is a Bus Stop immediately outside.  The premises are passed by many bus routes heading towards Ibrox, Cardonald and Paisley, yet how many people would dream of alighting here for a treat?

'Squigly Bridge' The O2 Academy is a few blocks away.

From Glasgow’s Central Station it is a mere ten minute walk across the new footbridge ‘The Squiggy Bridge’ or a less than five minute walk from either the West St. Subway Station or Bridge St.  One might assume that passing trade on foot is minimal, yet the place is never empty.

Once Upon a Time…

My first visit was to the main Upstairs Restaurant.  The Tawa was the obvious attraction, it was also my first ever Desi dish.  I was instantly hooked.  On leaving, my Dear Lady and I were astonished to find about forty people queuing down the stairs waiting to get in.

The Upstairs was a Restaurant-proper, we then tended to keep visits here for Special Occasions. The Downstairs Café was no different in ambience from any other sit-in Kebab House in the city. This was quite off-putting at first. That the menu here had another Desi dish became the major reason why visits to the Upstairs became rarer.  The Village Desi Korma (now Kourma) is truly superb. It is not a Korma in the traditional sense.  The use of Yogurt justifies the name, however it is the copious Herbs that give it the Wow-factor and the Citrus after-taste that gives it a further edge over the other dishes, the Tawa is close behind.

The Village – In The Park

There was also a second, purpose built, restaurant further west at Bellahouston, literally ‘In the Park’. (1005 Paisley Rd West, Glasgow G52 1EQ).  Hector visited this three times and managed NOT to have the buffet.  On my last visit every Asian Dignitary in the City of Glasgow appeared to be present.  With the investment in the main restaurant this has been closed.

The Staff – August 2014

Village Aug15 Curry-Heute (25)

Lamb Desi Kourma

Lamb Desi Kourma

Lamb Tawa

Machli Taree

Machli Taree

Peshwari Chops

Peshwari Lamb Chops

Lamb Lahori Karahi

Village Aug15 Curry-Heute (7)

Butter Chicken

Village Jan19 (4)

Achari Gosht

Chicken Punjabi Karahi

Keema Mutter

Glasgow The Village Feb17 (4)

Bombay Aloo

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