The Curry-Heute Campaign

Dear Restaurateur

Hector has a few issues, it is about time these were resolved:


Capsicum is Ballast Curry-Heute (5)The use of Green Peppers, in fact any colour of Capsicum in Curry is cheap, is nothing but ballast, and detracts from what is Indian Food.  A Meat Karahi does not have to be half meat – half ballast, use your imagination.  There are numerous Asian Vegetables, use them!  Who has ever added Capsicum to a Mixed Vegetable Curry – nobody!

Poppadoms and Dips

Pendragon + Ambala + Yadgar Curry-Heute (8)These cost pennies to provide.  Most decent Curry Houses bring them to the table and charge nothing.  They are a welcome, a thanks for having chosen your place to dine.  Do not simply bring them and then charge the customer.  Offer, make it clear if you are going to charge £1+ per Poppadom and even more for the Dips.


Bradford MyLahore Curry-Heute (9)If the better Bradford Curry Houses can offer up to Four Chapattis (or Rice, or Naan) inclusive in the Curry price then charging £2.95 for a single Chapatti is extortion.  Anything above £1.00 is not acceptable.  Serve them whole, not in bits!



If a Curry is is being served with Shorba/Shorva, then say so. Otherwise, please serve Meat with Masala, not Masala with Meat. We do not want Soup!


Red Food Dye

Glasgow New Anand Curry-Heute (7)

Stop using it!  It’s disgusting.  Hector desires Curry in the colours nature intended.




Stop wasting Rice

berlin-swera-curry-heute-19This is a particular problem in Europe where ironically Basmati is usually inclusive with a Main Course. In Europe one tends to be given enough for three people, per person.   Just how much Rice do Chefs think a man can eat?
One hopes that the leftover Rice is never re-used, that would be even more unforgivable than throwing it away.

In the UK one can pay over £3.00 for a Modest Portion, when this is enough to share then so be it, Rice can be a ripoff in the UK.


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