In München steht ein Mango House

Our favourite Curry-Haus am München

The first Curry-Heute to be mentioned is this Blog is much celebrated by The Friends of Hector. The Indian Mango Restaurant (Zweibrückenstraße 15, München) is near the Isartor S-Bahn station.

The Fish Masala and the Lamb Madras are the two rated by Hector as outstanding. The cafe style is associated with lower prices. Rice is included and this always means value for money. Indeed, if you ever finish all of the accompanying rice you must have been ravenous.

As for the curries: there is a distinctive house –  Desi – taste, it is slightly on the sweet side of normal. Either one takes to this or one does not. When one goes to München these days a visit here is a must, Hector is tempted to do so on a daily basis and there are few houses that come that recommended.

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