The Indien Express, a late night München experience

A Tale of Two Visits

Followers of Bier today will recall the report of the opening of a new curry house in München back in February. Marg and Hector had been walking past The Indien Express (Schillerstasse Str. 3A) which is beside the Café Schiller, aka ‘The Sports’ Bar’, and realised that it was probably not open, yet. Having been stranded due to snow the opportunity was given to try somewhere which was not the Indien Mango. We popped our heads in: “We open officially tomorrow, but you may as well come in. You are the first customers!”

Hector did not need a second invitation. The welcoming waiter offered us bier, this has been the old Weissbierkeller after all. We declined.
Chicken Tikka Masala?” he enquired… He was impressed when Lamb Karahi was ordered. Well if you do not order basically the same curry how can Hector compare? It was impressive, we knew we would return.

Others did come in and Chicken Tikka Masala was ordered.





We just happened to find ourselves in München for the first day of the Frühlingsfest. There had been no great intake of food durng the day and so a late night curry was in order. Steve had tried it a couple of days before but was not over impressed, he had tried the Lamb Madras.
We were again offered bier but declined. “Chicken Tikka Masala?” the waiter enquired… this must be their standing joke. Steve was impressed by the Lamb Karahi, Hector refrained from “I told you…”

The prices are right. The place is open late. They promised they would be open at Silvester which the Indien Mango is not.


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