A Creepy Crawley Curry

At the end of Hector’s Great Escape from mainland Europe, there was the promise of a Curry in Crawley. Lord Clive had booked us in to the Taj Mahal at 22.30, however the farcical delay at Dover meant that it was 22.00 before we reached The Swan. The call was made to the Taj to re-confirm the booing at 22.30: ‘We’re closed!’

And so we walked from The Swan past the George Hotel to the Saffron Lounge (5 Grand Parade, High Street, Crawley, RH10 1BU). This was not the first choice Curry house in Crawley, one suspects that this is the one Hector will insist we return to at the end of May.

Hector ordered the Spicy Green Lamb Shank Curry, a ‘Goan Green Lamb Shank Curry with Fresh Coriander and Green Chillis.’ The meal came with a fare sized piece of Lamb on a single large bone. That it was eaten with the aid of a fork only is testimony to the quality of the meat. The appearance was perfect, the texture great, it only lacked ‘that special taste’ to make it outrageously special.

Maggie had the Lamb Dansak, Lord Clive the Chicken Dansak. Marg had Pistachio Chicken Steve a Lamb Madras, and David the Duck Chilli Garlic.

Ente Curry!

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