The Wee Curry Shop (Ashton Lane)

Just try getting parked on Byres Rd on a Saturday afternoon. This was the third choice venue, the other two WCS are closed in the afternoon. Buccleuch St was the intended venue, Byres Rd which has been visited often was next. Indeed the door of Buccleuch St was open and one the staff was camped out on the bench having a wee sleep. And so Hector concluded that given the pedestrian density in Hillhead, The Wee Curry Shop (29 Ashton Lane, Glasgow) had to be open.
The pre-theatre menu at £7.95 was given, no other menu was offered. Inevitably the lack of small bottles of sparkling water meant that Hector was going to get stung for large bottle of water, indeed £3.50! Only once the order was placed did the Board catch my eye. A Beef Achari and a Lamb Spice Leek (?) were on time.

The Vegetable Pakora was freshly made and therefore impressive, what there was of it. The Methi Gosht was minimal in size but it did not lack punch. This was a beautifully dry-tasting curry and the taste lingered on for hours.
There was a hint of Bradford.

Hector will be back. This must be one of the few places where quality curry can be had in the middle of the afternoon. It was verified that the full menu is available midday If the Methi Gosht is typical of the quality on offer then this place (or the others) will become regular haunts. Well The Village is closed.

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