The Wee Curry Shop (Byres Rd)

A Friday evening curry?

As Hector never cooks on A Friday evening between work and The Bon Accord, there was a sudden desire to complete ‘The Three Wee Curry Shops’ in a six day period.
And so an impromptu curry was in order at the bottom of (41) Byres Rd, Glasgow.
When this venue opened as Mrs. Majhu’s a couple of years ago there was great interest. The menu was as small the shop but there was lamb dish which was unbelievable. In the style of the Bradford dry curry this was a revelation when it appeared. Lord Clive of Crawley was taken there to give it the thumbs up. The reason Hector has not been of late is down to it not being open in the middle of the day, and so Mother India’s Café along the road has won. The menu has also changed and is a replica of that which is presented in the Buccleuch St branch. No Board was visible for specials.

The Lamb Karahi was ordered and appeared in minutes. It was sizzling hot and presented in the black karahi dish from which it was eaten along with two chapattis (which are not on the menu). The dish that did not impress in the main Mother India restaurant at the start of the week came back to mind. This was not the same as the Lamb Karahi served in Buccleuch St earlier in the week. The common factor of disappointment could be down to the karahi pan itself, is it possible that they are being over cooked and the taste is being harmed?
The Lamb Methi served in Ashton Lane last Saturday has to be the curry of the week.

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