Shenaz (Granville Street)

Does one visit mean many?

Jonathan writes: Continuing the celebration of my escape, amongst other things, Kari, John and myself visited one of Glasgow’s oldest curry houses, the Shenaz in Granville Street.

This must have been the first Indian restaurant I visited, some time in the 70’s. As such, it is a place that I always view with a certain level of nostalgia. It has had some ups and downs over the years, but fortunately, it seems to be fairly consistent again.

On to the food itself – I had to start with the vegetable pakora – possibly one of the finest examples of this style of food. Kari joined me – John, being different, had chicken pakora. I heard no complaints!

Turning to main courses, as befits an old-established restaurant, both Kari and I opted for a traditional dish – dansac (one chicken, one lamb). John had a chicken tikka dish. Chapatis, rice and a nan were the chosen accompaniments. The dansac was rich and full of flavour – slightly mild for my tastes, but this was my fault as I did not order it hot!

I think the three clean plates at the end speak to the quality of the food on offer. Although this is no longer my favourite restaurant, it is still worth a visit.

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