A quick Curry at London Victoria

The final day of May was to be the first day that Marg and Hector went on a wander around the City of Westminster, alone. A Curry-Heute was not the plan. We were meant to rendezvous with the Chaps, however, as is reported in the sister blog Bier today, this was not to be.

By 18.00 we had half an hour left in the city. Marg played the ‘I’m hungry’ card; I played the ‘if you mention the C-word’ card. It was very much a situation of where is the nearest Curry house to Victoria Station? Hector spotted it: the Victoria Indian Cuisine (318 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, SW1V 1AA).

The place was small. We were sat at a tiny table, for two. The meal was ordered. The meal was delivered. The place filled up, a couple were even turned away because there was only a table for four currently available.






Hector ordered a Lamb Balti, Marg the Lamb Rogan Gosht.
The portions were fine for London where minuscule is the norm.
The lamb was tough; there was gristle, one piece per portion.

The taste was impressive, the classic ‘did they put sugar in this?’ sweetness.

The taste lingered for hours later. The curry passed the test.




Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…
Meanwhile a chance to reminisce about the days when I used to go down to London constantly to see Motorhead and stay with Noddy. We always ended up in the same Curry House in Denman St behind Piccadilly Circus, the Maharaja Tandoori (14 Denman Street, London, W1V 7RE). The sign outside says it has been there since 1980. The heritage is unknown apart from this. It still appears to get great reviews. Had a city centre curry been planned, then this would have been the venue.

What would NOT have been planned was the purchase of a curry from Harrods. The Food hall in Harrods sells curry, why?

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