Bier today, Curry-Heute

Two barrels of Bock must be accompanied by something special to eat. The consequences of not eating may lead to the destruction of bathrooms.
Yvonne tends not to make Curry when Hector is present: she has now realised that preparation in advance is better than trying to produce a meal halfway through a barrel of Deutschland’s finest.

Aberdeen Angus is the best beef on the planet, and for any antipodeans stumbling across this, the meat is Scottish, not Australian! We were being spoiled, not boiling beef, the good stuff.

Yvonne had spent days getting this organised.





Texts had been sent out to survey the invited few: ‘Apart from Craig, who does not like hot curry?’
Hector’s reply was: ‘Only new born babies…’

The meal was prepared to the standard demanded. Aloo Beef was the very fine result. The pot was revisited, the meal was scoffed. There can be no finer compliment.

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