Mother India’s Cafe, at last!

This is essentially an Indian style Tapas restaurant.

The idea is to order a couple of portions each. The portions are smaller than the main dish experience, one should never leave unless one feels fulfilled.
There is a take away menu, but this has yet to be experienced.

When Marg is free on a Sunday, we go to Mother India’s Café (1355 Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8AD) for a late lunch. The fact that this is the first posting of this magnificent source of Curry is perhaps testimony to how many free Sundays Marg enjoys.

The order is pretty much the same every time we go: it ain’t broken so why fix it?
Marg has a vegetable Pakora, always freshly made. Her favourite dish is the Butter Chicken which she insists has a kick. Hector has perhaps had a taste of the sauce but is far too involved with his own chosen dishes.

The Lamb Karahi is ever-present on the menu and is always superb. If the Okra version is available on the specials list then sometimes this is selected. Then, the signature dish of the restaurant: the Machi Masala… this is sublime, the best fish Curry to be had outside of München.

The rice with lemon and nuts, plus a Paratha were the chosen accompaniments on this visit.

A trip to Glasgow would only be complete if Mother India’s Café and a trip to The Village were experienced.

This was an excellent weekend.

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